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Loan or Credit Card

I would like to take out a Loan for around £4000. But i don't know the cheapest way to go about it. Would it be better to get a Credit card or a Loan.
Hopefully i would like to pay it off over 24 or 36ths and i would prefer set regular payments per mth.
Which way would i aviod paying extreme intrest charges?:confused:

I would really appreciate some advice.

regards, Ducks


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    The cheapest option would be to use credit cards.

    Should be able to do it for around 3% APR over the 3 year period (assuming 0% BT deals continue)...which will be less than half the best loan rate I would imagine?
  • It also depends on your credit rating as the 0% deals are difficult to get unless you have an excellent history...
    Vanquis- Limit £1250, balance £0
    Capital One Classic- Limit £800, balance £0
    Natwest Current Account- £800 OD limit, approx £600 OD
    Loan- £3300, will be paid off by Dec 09
    Student Loan- paid off Dec 09 (That's £150 a month extra! Woohoo)
    Empire Catalogue Account- £750 limit, balance £30
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