Where do we go from here?

In 2006 my brother's soon to be ex wife instructed the bank to pay HIS wages into an account in her sole name. He only found this out at the end of June 2008 after she left him. What he found was a complete financial mess stuffed in carrier bags all around the house unopened. Its messy, its complicated. She has siphoned tens of thousands of pounds, mortage arrears in the sum of £20,000 and thats without the CCJ's etc! He was working 15 12 hour days and 1 day off. The financial ombudsman have found in his favour against the bank and the bank have offered £500 compensation. He has been forced to enter into an IVA, his ex left the children with him although thankfully they are not toddlers. It would appear the only route for him is to take the bank to court. He does not have the money to do that! Apparently neither the FSA nor the Ombudsman have powers to award him anything near the sums of money he has been defrauded of. He has been advised to get in a forensic accountant. Again how does he afford that? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated:confused:


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