My kettle has stopped working

My kettle has just stopped working, I've had it for about 18 months and I went to switch it on today and nothing...

It's a prestige urban kettle and although it's not a really expensive kettle I'd rather repair than replace it. Does anyone know where I should be looking to take it to, to get it repaired? Will Prestige repair it if I send it to them?? I've replaced the fuse and checked that it wasn't a problem with the plug but thats as far as my knowledge of electrics gpes.

Thanks in advance
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  • TomsMom
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    Did you keep any of the paperwork that came with it? Thinking here that there should be a leaflet with details of where to send to get repaired, or even maybe if you got it from Boots that there was a 2 year guarantee with it????
  • manda1205
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    Going by whats been said in the papers recently you can claim for a repair or new one under EU law, which states that things should be guarantee'd for 2 years. Its just our country that says theres 1 year with things, but if you state you know the EU law they "should" repair or give you a new one. Provided you've kept the reciept.
    In the papers/news a man claimed through Tesc and although he had to argue it he got a new tv in the end, so its worth a shot.
  • Antispam
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    Dont go the EU directive route it gives less guarantee than the SOGA as that can go up to 6 years unlike EU directive.

    Both SOGA and EU give the onus on the customer to prove the goods had a inherent fault
  • frugalmacdugal
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    sorry about your kettle

    Was it a very expensive little number, if you have had it for 18 months then I dare say it's had a fair boiling.

    I stay myself, and only cover the element when boiling, just enough to make a cup of very strong coffee at about half five in the morning.

    You can get a Tesco or Argos Value kettle for less than a fiver, bin it.
  • Inactive
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    Agreed, bin it, they ain't worth repairing.
  • ljonski
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    my kettle works indiscriminately-usually 3 days on and 2 days off- i have no idea why ? :confused:
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  • Magnolia
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    ljonski wrote: »
    my kettle works indiscriminately-usually 3 days on and 2 days off- i have no idea why ? :confused:

    Maybe it thinks you drink too much coffee? :confused:
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  • bubblegumcola
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    I agree bin it. Several years ago I got a kettle from Currys or Comet for about 20 odd quid, can't remember which shop but they tried to flog me a guarantee with it. I just laughed at the SA and said if it lasts me the year I will be happy, couldn't believe they were trying to flog an extended guarantee with it. You can buy a kettle so cheaply now, I just go and buy another, there are always sales on if you want a fancy one.
  • geordie_lass_2
    Just looked at the Prestige kettles on the Argos website and they come with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. If that's the case for all Prestige kettles and you have proof of purchase then you should be able to get it repaired or replaced free.
  • maninthestreet
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    No point getting alll STEAMED up about this, it just BOILS down to a non-functioning kettle. Seems like a STORM IN A TEACUP to be honest.
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