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    jr666 wrote:
    As a matter of fact i do do maths at uni. Perhaps you could give me some lessons, i'm having trouble with the finer points of the Riemann/Lebesgue Integrability critereon's. As a matter of fact i dont think ive seen a 'number' for about two weeks.

    If I came across as rude, I apologise. I was merely expressing my surprise that someone with (and I presumed correctly) a mathematical background would assert that the loan interest rate would only ever go up.

    Can't help you with Riemann surfaces but send me a question about infinte potential square wells or the michelson inteferometer and I'll do my best.
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    Well all I can say is that maybe if less people raped the student loans company for a measly £100 then those of us who actually needed loans to live on would be allowed a few extra bob a year. If you can afford to stick the whole thing into an ISA then I would imagine you can probably live without £100 at the end of it all. Some students are less fortunate.
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    Dammit, not to have a go at anyone, but it makes me mad when I see on here people who are saving their student loans and not spending it, so they obviously don't need it that much, yet when I apply for one I don't qualify, even though I REALLY need it!!


    I hate government funding, you never get it when you need it.
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  • As an acedemic exercise I applaud you.
    However in reality few students can afford to invest their student loan, and as this site typically attracts those who need to save money and have very little disposable income perhaps this is not the appropriate forum for your hypothetical musings?
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    For the record I did spend my loan on fees, accom and living at Uni. It was the roughly equivalent amount I earned in all the university holidays that I put into my ISA.

    Remember that putting money into savings account is the true essence of money saving, not 'saving' money by spending less on something that you don't need anyway.
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    You guys need to give jr666 a break and wipe whatever chip a lot of you all seem to have off of your shoulders. He was trying to be and has resulted in being helpful, the fact is that some people ARE stoozing their loan and this is exactly the place to post such 'hypothetical musings'. Have a look over at the credit card stoozing board for some more. Anyone without an understanding of the RPI probably would not understand how interest repayments are going to change which this thread has delightfully clarified (although youd be forgiven for missing it over a whole lot of self congratulations from some and foot stamping from others).

    To clarify it seems like, yes youre on to a winner if you're one of those people fortunate enough to be able to stooze your loan provided you
    a) stick it into savings account with a higher rate of interest than the RPI
    b) allow the interest to accrue and compound
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    Eels100 wrote:
    ... maybe if less people raped the student loans company for a measly £100 then those of us who actually needed loans to live on would be allowed a few extra bob a year.

    Eels100 - you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for your choice of language. It is disgusting that you trivialise rape and you show a complete lack of respect for victims of sexual assault.
  • jr666jr666 Forumite
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    Rape (noun) -
    "Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice or raping a loan company."
    Come to my garden in South Bucks and i'll find you a wasp...
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