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Having read many useful threads in here discussing new bathroom installations (incredibly useful and answered most of my questions), I do have one remaining query please. It may be stupid, but heck, I'm way new to all this and pretty clueless.

A strong consensus seemed to be avoid the DIY sheds (which I'll admit was where I headed initially - knew no better :o), and support my local trade counter. Stick with named brands and my plumber will thank me. OK, will do - I have a City Plumbing here, and went in today.

I understand the retail price list they've given me is ... inflated. Obviously I won't get the trade discount (up to 50%?!), and unfortunately my plumber doesn't have an account. But the steer from older threads has been that they WILL give a fair discount to the public - up to 30% even.

I could really do with some advivce as to how to negotiate this please. I sound pathetic, I know ... but would welcome the advice please.

And just in case I'm about to make a huge mistake here ... my plan is Roca (my choice thus far) bath, loo and baisin, but a walk in shower enclosure from Victoria Plumb. It is SO much cheaper (yes, I have searched in here - I know reviews are mixed) that I'd struggle to afford that option in a named brand. That's just for tray and screens, but is a huge saving on what *looks* similar (I know the quality may be lower). Daft? Sane?


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    I had prices from the internet for the items I wanted and got them to price match those.
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    With wholesalers it depends on what you spend with them, and if they have targets they have to meet.

    It also depends on what you are buying, some things (I am excluding cable here) I get 75%-85% of trade. Other items it is only 20%-30%.

    I know my local electrical counter is usually half the price of B&Q, but they keep the better discount for their regular customers.

    It depends on your spend- if you spend £800 on a single job and don't come back for 2 years then you can't expect the same discount you should get if you spend £300-£500 per week.
    baldly going on...
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    Go around several merchants and say "I want an XYZ delivered to my house/for collection, what is your best price/discount off list?"
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