Thoughts on winter wedding!

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  • Hi Jo

    A winter wedding sounds lovely and I think you should go for it. I thought I'd add something on the photography side. Indoor photos are perfectly possisble but you really need a photographer who knows what they are doing. Look for someone who has shot lots of winter indoor weddings and ask to see examples. Depending on your venue they might need a lighting set up to get the group shots lit correctly so ask about that.

    Good luck xxx

    It all works out good in the end.
    If it's not good, it's not the end!
  • Availability of venues and people dropping out could be an issue as it's xmas party season, but I'd love to be invited to an xmas wedding. Hot chocolate with baileys on arrival, mini warm mince pies with coffee.... I love xmas and an xmas wedding would be fantastic! Would prefer a Dec wedding as opposed to Jan when I'm skint......... :)
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    Availability of venues was something I was concerned about, we're keen on a date in December next year and pre-Christmas would be my ideal but not sure how that would work given places will be booking Christmas parties!

    But yes mookybargirl hot choccy and mince pies, big decorated Christmas tree, lovely!
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  • We got married in December 2 years ago. It was wonderful. I love that time of year, it is a family orientated time. I had red roses (florist advised these do go up in price for Christmas but I had my heart set!), roaring fires, bridesmaids had fur capes, I wore a beautiful jacket over my dress, mulled wine as an option for a welcome drink, had beautiful tree decorations for my favours (which I love to see on people’s trees when I visit at Christmas now) lots of candles and classy decorations. Plus we were desperate to honeymoon in the Maldives and it is the perfect time to go to the Indian Ocean area, also good if you want a winter honeymoon.

    We got married in a church at 3pm (the tree was up in the church and we bought lovely gold and red decorations and candles for the church instead of flowers), I checked online to find out what time the sun would set on our date and we got some pics beforehand outside and a couple done afterwards, the rest were in the reception venue by the roaring fire!

    I would do it again and again if I could!
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    I had my heart set on a winter wedding. I'm very much a winter person, I'm a january baby so whether that's why! I hate hot summers and love the coolness and cosiness of winter. It's such a romantic season too. We had wanted to get married on New Years day (thought hubby would be able to remember the anniversary easily enough!) and just thought it really fitting that we would be starting our lives together on the first day of a New year.
    As it turned out we put the wedding back to April so that my Aunt could come over from Australia. She had been very ill with cancer and was not going to be well enough to travel in the December. It was the most gorgeous day and it was made all the more special by her being there so I have no regrets.
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    I'm getting married this December, I'm the same a winter person I can't wait, I'm hoping my day will just be cold and crisp and hope the rain stays off! I am concerned about the photos as we are getting married on 3pm so it's going to get dark around 4ish!
    :xmassmile Looking forward to December:xmassmile
  • Lydia82 wrote: »
    Any ideas on winter wedding dresses Linda?

    It's a long while ago and I'm now divorced but I had my heart set on a winter wedding. I had my eye on a beautiful red dress (I still have the picture in a drawer upstairs - it has an embroidered bodice with matching embroidered shoes.) but it didn't happen in the end due to family pressures. Grooms mother was not happy - said it would mess up people's Christmas :confused:, my Grandparents started whittling about travelling in the snow, etc so in the end we caved in and had a September wedding instead. My best friend got married the same year on exactly the day that would have been my wedding day and her wedding was absolutely magical, real fires, mulled wine, the lot. One thing that she did which was quite unusua - perhaps because they are a Christian family and had a lot of people in the church for the wedding itself, was to invite everyone to the wedding itself, then had an afternoon tea type meal for extended friends etc then had a smaller meal in the evening for close family and friends. There was no disco - just a lovely meal followed by a few drinks and loads of catching up with old friends. It was perfect.
    She had a dress made for her which was a dark holly green evening dress with an ivory edwardian style silk over-coat. That way she could use her dress for other occasions yet still look thoroughly 'bridal' on the day. That was 12 years ago now and I still have vivid memories of both the dress and the day. The weather was a bit changeable (but it was for mine - and another friend who got married in a tropical paradise and was scuppered by a storm!)
    Another friend got married last Christmas and again, it was real fires, mulled wine and Christmas trees galore. Father Christmas made a special visit during the wedding braskfast (do they still call it that?).
    Should I get married again I would definitely go for a winter wedding.
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    Thank you everyone for sharing - becs glad your auntie was able to go in the end :)

    I'm looking now for reception venues, thing is I do have this idea in my head of roaring fire, wooden beams and bricked walls with a Christmas tree and red and gold decorations (can do those last few myself though if needed!) Thing is the only places I've seen that are anything like that image in my head are in old-style pubs, and I can't imagine there'd be a chance of hiring out a pub, let alone at Christmas!

    Someone suggested looking at village halls which I might do so the search continues!
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    Jo - before you visit any village halls telephone and ask if they'll accept candles - many don't and if it's important to your vision as a Christmas wedding then don't waste time viewing them.

    And if you have your wedding during a weekday - you'll find many places open to being hired out. Just make sure you try and book it asap before the Christmas parties :)
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    dawnteabag you've reminded me our venue has a santa's grotto so I think I'm going to be paying him a visit my son and niece will be over the moon!
    :xmassmile Looking forward to December:xmassmile
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