Mennies How much have I saved? Monthly Diary

A little history to begin...........................

I used to be an avid memeber of this and every survey, cashback and PTC site going. I used to be the voucher, freebie queen and ebay queen. At the time I work shifts and had the whole morning at home to do all this. Now I work more hours and have a long commute I dont have as much time. Last week I was off work and logged on to here for the first time in a while and applied for a few freebies and changed a few suppliers and I am hooked once more. It is vital my husband and I save some money as he is just starting his own business and we want to get as much behind us a possible to give him the best chance.


I have decided, to keep me from falling from the money saving wagon one more I am going to keep a total of everything that I have saved and made in addition to my normal salary and will update on here at the end of every month to keep me spurred on.

I will break it down in categories like vouchers, ebay, bogofs, csahback, PTC, Mystery Shopping, survey payment, comp wins, loyalty points, freebies etc

With Comp wins and freebies I will put a cash value if it is something I would have bought anyway and if not I will list it on ebay and put down much much it earnt me. I am going to be really pedantic and include eveything from money I find on the street to unfranked stamps on my mail.

I will update again tomorrow with Julys total, which is looking like being around £700 even though I only started on the 24th of this MOnth. That is around £100 a day so far!!
2014 = New Year, New Me


  • mennie
    mennie Posts: 493 Forumite
    Julys Totals

    Pet Insurance 67.12
    Contents and Buildings insurance 254.75
    Gas and Electric 129.12
    Total 450.99

    EBay and Cashback
    Cashinco Payment £10.00
    Ebay £28.98
    Total £38.98

    Morrisons Voucher £10.00
    National Rail Voucher £ 4.00
    Proctor and Gamble Voucher £13.00
    Andrex Voucher £ 2.00
    Complaint Cheques £ 7.00
    Nivea Vouchers £3.00
    Love to Shop £3.00
    Cathedral Cheese £2.56
    Total £44.56

    Bottle of Liqueur £20.00
    4 Glasses £20.00
    Citrus Press £10.00
    Stirrers £ 1.00
    3 Notebooks £ 1.00
    T Shirt £ 4.00
    WKD Keyring Bottle opener £4.00
    Dog Food £1.20
    Tea Bags £2.75
    Coffee £3.75
    Postcards £1.00
    Hot Chocolate £ .50
    Herbal Essences Shamp&Cond £1.00
    6 Pens £ .50
    Neals Yard Sample £ .10
    Graze box £3.00
    Total £73.80

    Boots Points spent £ 2.60
    See a penny pick it up £ .07
    Unfranked Stamps £13.69
    Free Starbucks £ 1.99
    Total £18.35

    Grand Total £626.68

    No monetary value to me will list them on ebay next month
    3 x Miller Harris perfume Vial
    1 x Impulse Body Spray Vial
    1 x sachet of Clinique Moisturiser
    1 x Sachet of Palmer Coca Butter
    1 x 30p off Kallo
    1 x Cosmo Voucher Book
    1 X Lipcote Sample
    3 x Barefoot Botanicals samples
    3 x Cocktail Recipe Books
    1x Set of Quorn recipe cards
    1 x 60p off Quorn
    1 x 50p off Oxy
    1 x 50p off Felix
    1 x sachet of Nivea Q10
    1 small tube of Oxy
    2 x Jo Malone Samples
    3 x 50p off Caf! Direct
    £5 off anti wrinkle cream at Boots

    I know I wont do this well everymonth as I have some cracking freebies and changed suppliers
    2014 = New Year, New Me
  • Hi Mennie,

    What a great list! I wish you the best of luck. I've decided to do some personal "offsetting" in my life - ditching old spending habits to save more, and to afford the luxuries that I enjoy.

    Seeing the amount you've saved, I think I'll keep a track of these too, to spur me on. I'll offset the savings I achieve and either put the money into my savings, or use it for a specific treat.


    £5 per day challenge
    Grocery Challenge
  • mennie
    mennie Posts: 493 Forumite
    Thanks The SAver I have just done my totals for the last 7 days and I have made £86.17 so far.

    I think I am going to start the make £10 a day challenge
    2014 = New Year, New Me
  • jojitsui
    jojitsui Posts: 403
    Combo Breaker First Anniversary
    WOW!!!! fairplay i am very impressed.
    Have only joined today but am going to do something similar myself :0
    Cheers Jo x
    Make £10 a day, October 2023 - £105/£310
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