£650+ in 5 days!!!

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I used to be a avid freebie hunter, bargain hunter, saver, ebayer, tightwad, cashbacker, survey taking, mystery shopping, couon using blagger

The I stated to work longer hours and had a long commute to work and didnt have the time.

Last Friday whilst off work for a week, i logged onto this site and had a scout round. Inspired I went through RPoints and changed my Contents and Buildings insurance, Pet insurance and Gas and Electric saving £430 and making £90 cashback.

I then ordered some cheap and some free stationary for my husbands buisness though vista print earning £9 cashback.

I then sent in a couple of valid complaints to various companies and complimented some and in the past 6 days I have received the following

£10 morrisons voucher
£5 cheque
Full size bag of filter coffee
Box of 80 teabags
5 sachets of Hot Chocloate
£4 Network rail voucher
small bag filter coffee
7 small packs dog food
10 tea bags
10 postcards
£3 in fairtrade tea vouchers
WKD bottle opener
lipcote sample
3 x miller harris perfumes
2 x barefoor botanicals samples
Bottle of Liqueur, 4 glasses, citrus press, t shirt, notebooks, stirrers and cocktails recipe books.

I still have promises of items to come and have been confirmed for 2 mystery shops in the next few days that will pay £22.50.

I am totally hooked again and just wanted to send my thanks to all!!!!xx:beer:
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  • awesome! I'm trying to chase up payment of a contract from 2 years ago, worth 600 quid, but I doubt that he'll pay up...
  • Hey,
    Can i please asked how you managed to get such great freebies etc? Are you just emailing the feedabck section or something similar asking for them and saying you are a fan of the product?
    V new to this, so sorry to ask,
  • Yes very interested in knowing how you got the freebies. When you complimeted people, were you just emailing or writing to say how good something was? If so i've got plenty of time to be doing that.

    Well done by the way.
  • Well done on saving so much money and getting so many freebies :T
    Keep up the good work :D
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    hope you have checked the vistaprint bad news stories - you may have signed up for an ongoing monthly commitment - although clearly being savvy you mayhave avoided it
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  • mark88man wrote: »
    hope you have checked the vistaprint bad news stories - you may have signed up for an ongoing monthly commitment - although clearly being savvy you mayhave avoided it

    Hi forgive my ignorance, but I don't know what the ''vistaprint bad news stories'' are. Can you advise pls?

    Thanks :A
  • I also got caught by vista print my own fault for not reading the small print but some where in there it would seem I allowed them to deduct 9.99 from my account
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    Any news on how she got all the freebies...??
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    That's fantastic Mennie! :)

    I sympathise when you say it's difficult to do all the moneysaving activities when you are so busy - I have the same problem sometimes!
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    I think the freebies came by going around the freebie sites and writting emails/letters to the addresses on things you have like food packets.
    You could say you realy like a brand of teabags and when you had guests you recomended there product. They in return might thank you for your trouble and send you a money off voucher or token gift.

    I know people who write in to mags and if their item gets published they get a money reward.
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