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'Apparently I’m an environmental scourge' blog discussion

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  • All hail o glorious Martin with out you we would all continue to be ripped off. i say that this enviromentalist seems to crawled out from under a rock from the dino age and left whatever so called brains behind. Flying is unfortunately the only mode of quick transport to other countries for which people like to travel to and experience the different cultures and lifestyles which helps to broaden our knowledge, but why should we be ripped off with excessive prices to line the pockets of these greedy un-caring airline companies.If this dinosaur wants to grumble, then why not go after the biggest offenders of all namely OUR EMPLOYEES THE GOVERNMENT who are continously flying to America and elswhere spending our hard earned money (taxes) with expenses included just to have a good time, also the wealthy people who have private jets at their disposal to fly to some exotic island for dinner and back again then climb into a fuel guzzling limo.Oil producing companies are just as much to blame, their lab people (so called scientests) who should be spending some of the billions these oil producers are taking in from us to eliminate or cut these emmissions down that comes from the fuel we use, but again they don't care all they want is money and the more they get the more they want.When will people learn you can't take your money with you when you die.There is an old saying -Sceptre and Crown must tumble down and in the dust be equal made-This say's everyone is equal in death, you come in with nothing and you go to a place with nothing.
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