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'Apparently I’m an environmental scourge' blog discussion

edited 21 July 2009 at 3:54PM in Martin's blogs & appearances & MoneySavingExpert in the news
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  • mrmajikamrmajika Forumite
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    Leaving the environmental debate aside, Mr Deidier has (rightly or wrongly) probably achieved what he set out to do; some much needed publicity for his own site on one of the world's biggest and most viewed websites.
    Whilst my posts do not constitute financial advice, I am always, without fail, 100% right! :D
  • parristimparristim Forumite
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    It's extreme and blinkered environ-mentalist viewpoints like this that serve only to stifle constructive, reasoned debate. Since when did slinging mud achieve anything?
  • Pr1ck list. :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    I think you should be honoured. I'd pick to be on that above the Rich List every time. :rotfl:
  • Voyager2002Voyager2002 Forumite
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    Thank you for a thoughtful response to an abusive message.

    I do believe that there are good environmental reasons to encourage people to limit their flying -- perhaps it would be good to suggest that one or two longer stays in a wonderful place can be more enriching than a large number of weekend dashes. And I'm afraid that carbon offsetting is generally not any kind of solution.
  • Click reply to discuss below.
    Related: Cheap Flights Guide, FlightChecker

    I must have taken happy pills coz I found the related link hilarious. :rotfl:

    The bloke is probably getting all happy that he got publicity and then you throw in the cheap flight checker. :D

    You guys are nutters. :)
  • faithlessfaithless Forumite
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    I wouldn't take environmental advice from anyone that spells Gulf stream as "Golf Stream".
  • ZTDZTD Forumite
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    Q. How many flights can people take?

    A. Only as many as the airlines lay on.

    Q. Do low prices make flights more or less profitable for the airlines?

    A. Less profitable.

    Q. Would airlines lay on more flights or fewer flight if flights were more profitable?

    A. More.

    So by helping to drive prices down, you are actually making fewer flights available over the long term - which may or may not be your intention. After all, there are quite a few budget airlines not with us now - and they didn't disappear because they were making money hand over fist on overpriced flights. The flights they put on, are now not being put on...

    Q. How much oil are we going to consume?

    A. All of it.

    Q. How much oil are we going to consume if we put the price up?

    A. All of it.

    Q. How much oil are we going to consume if we make the price sky-high? How much of it will consumed by the poor?

    A. All of it. None of it.

    Therein lies the agenda...
    "Follow the money!" - Deepthroat (AKA William Mark Felt Sr - Associate Director of the FBI)
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  • Hear, hear Martin!

    I consider myself an "environmentalist" but I do fly perhaps twice a year. I could fly much more often. So where does that position me Mr Deidier? People like Mr D. give environmentalists a bad name, we're not all like that ... honest!
  • this comment - my apologies, it's an ancient one - still, exposes the pretension nicely for me re carbon ofsetting idea
    While offsetting is a fine practice, it smacks of symbolic, wealthy-person guilt assuaging. One is an environmentalist if they live as such every day, minimizing their impact by driving as green a vehicle as possible or not driving when possible and by refusing to support factory farming by being a vegetarian.
    As for the criticism, it's no different to the sentiments expressed while appealing against Carol Vorderman to stop doing the secured loan adverts no? That said, I don't approve of the name calling but that's not the message essentially surely?
  • May I briefly hijack (pun intended) this thread and ask Martin if he has ever addressed the issue that it is not the Company or the CEO or the board or the shareholders that his advocacy is 'screwing' - it is just the customers who aren't so savvy who are paying the price and who are being 'screwed'.

    I suspect this is an old saw that must have been answered already - but I can't find it. Please direct me to the correct thread to discuss this.
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