My TV aerial has stopped working, have called modern housing and someone is coming out to look at it this week. Am I entitled to a replacement? I would be grateful for any advice regarding aerial entitlement.

Many Thanks


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    yes im sure they do, as long as you cant receive any anologue channels. I ahd this argument a while back when my free view went, they were adamant this was my problem....sure free view come through an ariel though so therefore there problem. i got told by the contractor that they tell people this hoping they fix it them selves without MOD footing the bill. especially now they will need new ariels with the digi switchover.
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    I think the basic premise is that if they supply something and it stops working or wears out they replace it.

    Years ago it was not supplied by them so you have to supply your own - usually it was left behind and if it broke you replaced it, not that there is much than can go wrong with an aerial, especially in a loft.

    The free view/digi change over aspect of aerials, dont believe what they tell you. I know a couple of people in areas that have changed over and the aerial they have in place now works perfrectly well. The only actions on were to retune the TV.
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    thanks for your advice. I'm waiting for someone to turn up this morning - so fingers crossed!
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