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Tips and Quick Questions on “How To Start Being Old Style”



  • randomer
    randomer Posts: 275 Forumite
    I am delighted to see our O/ D this month has halved from 3k.Not great but better.
    Things that have gone well...talking to partner about money. Seems obvious but we never did.
    Getting cash each week and making it last.
    No holiday...bit rubbish but not generated more debt
    Eating more frugally
    Changing house insurance
    Consuming less wine.
    Things not too good
    Suspending DD which sponsers a child
    Still not on top of list/weekly shop/batch cook thing
    Still got shoes and blazers to fund

    So any magic tips for a newbie..... :confused:
  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    Sounds like you're well on your way there Randomer:T

    Meal planning and eating leftovers really helps cut down the food bill;)
  • randomer
    randomer Posts: 275 Forumite
    thanks thrift. As I said no holiday I've found quite tough but then again I can't enjoy things if they are "on a card".
    I've just been to our local chemist which is selling things off cheaply and picked up some posh soap which will come in handy for a present.
    I can't see myself going down the oats and lentils route because I love good grub but just need to be organised.
  • Hi Randomer - believe me, when I went down the oats and lentil route I had never eaten better! We used to have the most amazing meals, with the oats and lentils well hidden behind delicious tasty meat and lots of interesting flavours. It's now, when I'm so rushed off my feet with work and a dissertation deadline that I'm eating horrible food...

    Give the recipes on here a go - I can honestly say that I've never made a single recipe off this OS board that hasn't been good - obviously I don't try ones I don't fancy but I've never made anything that didn't get gobbled up.

    As soon as I finish my dissertation (if ever...) I'll be back on the OS bandwagon, and I honestly can't wait - I can't stand another Sainsburys meal for a fiver, when I know I could do something twice as tasty for half the price if I just had a bit of time to get myself organized (I've just moved house as well as the new job and the bl**dy dissertation!).

    Good luck!
  • foxgloves
    foxgloves Posts: 11,075 Forumite
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    Agree with JuliaPenguin. We decided a few months ago to reduce our monthly grocery bill by £100 and think we're actually eating better than ever. We don't add oats & lentils to meat dishes, though this can be a useful way to stretch a meal out to feed a family, but we have some days each week where we eat meals made from lentils, beans, etc, & have been enjoying trying out lots of new recipes. It's menu planning, then batch cooking & freezing that makes the biggest difference.
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  • Congratulations!:T
    You are on the right course to becoming debt free and maybe next year you will be able to afford a holiday and not have any guilt about it.
    The best advice that I can give is check your cupboards and freezer regularly(It might be that you have a lot of things that could be made into a meal)
    Meal Plan and then write a list and only get what is on the list, take cash with you when shopping and try to only go to the shops once a week.
    Try value brands and if you have a butcher nearby you can ask him for cheap cuts and only have to get the amount you need.
    Fruit and veg is best bought from a market because it is fresh it sems to last longer than the supermarket stuff., and if you time it when the market is about to close you get loads of bargains because they don't want to throw stuff away.
    I have changed all my insurances this year and aim to shop around next year too because I have saved an amazing £600 this year by doing it.
    Keep going and remember that we are all in the same situation (or have been)
    That's what I love about this site everyone is happy to help x
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones that let in the light
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  • randomer
    randomer Posts: 275 Forumite
    Thanks for your positivity and suggestions. I don't make convenience meals it's just that being thrifty with food doesn't come easy. I tend to do reasonable home made stuff. But I should't pre-judge the adding lentils/oats idea. I did make a huge slow-cooked bolognaise and added red lentils. To be honest I seemed to get the worst of both worlds... a slightly gritty texture and too much liquid. This needs a slight change I think.
    You are quite right about using a local butcher....better quality,free advice and no more expensive.
  • p-pincher
    p-pincher Posts: 727 Forumite
    I had the same problem with my slow cooker when i tired to cook a chilli. i think the problem is the water doesnt evaporate away like it does when you do it on the hob. i only use mine now to do stew type meals, soup and chicken stock basically anything where you want alot of moisture, i cant really get on with it when i make anything else. If your bolagnaise was to gritty last time dont add as many lentils. I always use them with mince recipes but i only use a handful for every pack of mince as i dont like the texture with to many.

    To be honest i think your doing relly well. Everybody has to start somewhere.

    Good luck
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  • Yes folks I think I'm getting the hang of this OS lark!
    It's not rocket salad is it? Saturday morning is "the shop". If OH has the car I'll shell out £3.00 for a taxi. Meal plan for a week and shop with a list. Even got the teens on board who are doing without usual costly chocolate biscuits and having plain ones from the biscuit barrel selection at T's.
    Bye bye eating out. Infact the last time we had a Turkish snack thing for a fiver each but were charged £15 for 2 drinks and 2 coffees! I just can't enjoy it anymore.
    Much less impulse buying because I'm fed up....bye bye bubble bath ,magazines and other trash.
    Take heart struggling newbies if I can do it anybody can!:rotfl:
  • ChocClare
    ChocClare Posts: 1,475 Forumite
    Well done you! Magazines used to be my downfall too, but you can read so much online now, plus your library probably has a selection you can read for nothing.

    I have a subscription to Country Living, bought for me as a Christmas present. When I've finished with it I bring it in to work - other girls at work do the same, so we swap quite a lot of magazines round for no extra cost. Cunning, huh?!
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