Clothesaid doorstep collection ambushed!!

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I suppose this is actually legal, but it really does seem like a scam to me.

A few days ago we got collection bags through our letterboxes to bag up donations for Clothesaid (a registered charity) collecting on behalf of the Children's Hospice Association Scotland (a worthwhile cause). Bags are to be collected on MONDAY.

Today, came home to find a leaflet through door from Second-hand Limited (the smallprint says it is 'a registered company, but not a charity') collecting clothes etc for shipment to Eastern Europe. Again the collection day is MONDAY, no bags provided, you supply your own.

It seems to me that Second-hand is jumping on the back of the first collection and I'm sure if it comes round earlier all the bags will be uplifted.

Is this a scam that happens regularly, or is it simply sheer coincidence?


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    I am fairly sure it's no coincidence. I've been waiting ages for a proper charity to do a collection, & left lots out this morning. The other company who resell in E. Europe was very obviously calling earlier to collect their bags, & tried to take my full registered charity bag. I handed them their unused bag & smiled. ;)
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    I got a CHAS one for collection on Monday and a leaflet for another collection as well. I don't mind the genuine charities but I really object to the ones which are so called businesses which sell the stuff to countries abroad etc. You are never sure who is actually going to collect the bag either, most of the time the vans don't seem to have a logo on them. I never hand the empty bags back, usually they get used for bin bags, if I leave mine out empty they never collect them. Some of the company ones are not clearly marked that they aren't charities but actually registered businesses or are worded very badly so you aren't sure. I've complained to trading standards before about some of them but there doesn't seem to be much they can do.

    If I have items I want to give to charity then I usually take them to my local charity shop. I appreciate its easier for some people to leave the bags outside their doors for collection but you need to make sure the right people are collecting them.
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    Yes, I usually take in any unwanted clothing to the local charity shop, but this being a collection for the Children's Hospice, I had given thought to doing another check in my wardrobe for spare clothes.

    However, I'm quite sure the Eastern European one will get here first while I am out.

    I've filled in an online complaint to Trading Standards, but I don't think they can do much about it.
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    We have that here, too. I've tried to tell my housemates to check the leaflet and give to the charity and not the others but it seems there's no way to lend people a brain cell or two :)
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