Debt Relief Order - quickest way of doing it

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Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. In essence my debt situation has got too much - and I just want to resolve it ASAP. I was thinking of bankruptcy - a good friend would be willing to lend/give me the £500 to get that done - but I've just been reading up on Debt Relief Orders.

Basically I do qualify - the debt is less than £15 grand, I own next to nothing, am actually living with family at the moment, and am currently unemployed - a couple of jobs that were 'sure things' turned out not to be. I'm hunting for jobs and I'm sure I'll get one soonish (albeit one that doesn't pay much) - but I simply cannot concentrate on job hunting with these people calling me up the whole time - indeed I can't concentrate on anything much with this hanging over me.

So, I'd like to 'do' a DRO - how quickly can it be done, and who does it quickest? I'd ideally like to sort it out today if possible - well, perhaps tomorrow! You know what I mean - I just want to get it sorted ASAP.

Thanks for any advice,
"Some Guy".


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    Go to Baines and Ernst - did mine in 24 hours but take advice before you go ahead, just to make sure you meet the criteria.
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    As Godiva says Baines and Earnst can put one through pretty quickly but take advice from one of the debt charities first. National Debtline will talk to you on the phone with out an appointment but be prepared to sit with your finger on redial for a long time.

    One point to bear in mind if you suddenly have more than £50 surplus your DRO will be disolved and you will be back to square one and may have to go BR. So do make sure you understand everything.
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    If you are expecting to be back at work within the next 12 months, I would advise against a DRO, because it will more than likely take you over the £50 surplus.

    No point spending £90 for the DRO to go through, only for it to be revoked in a few months time.

    When you do get back into employment, perhaps a DMP would be a better option??

    Have you tried contacting your creditors, and advising them of your employment situation, and perhaps coming to some temporary token payment arrangement?
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    for me if I do get a job I should be fine as my benefits will go down.

    I didn't find B&E that fast as I was sent the barcode in the post, then couldn't get through to Lawrance so phone the original number and the person you I first spoke to was busy and hasn't phoned me back yet.

    saying all that they are quicker than other places.
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    Why not get the cab todo it? Thought they can do the dra's
  • debrag
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    a long waiting list I think, same with NDL
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