What are those boxes called?

Hi sorry for the cryptic subject line, but istr that the 'packing crates' MOD families are issued when they're about to move. You know the things, thin wooden boxes with some kind of tin around the corners a lid and a base - What are they called?

I've googled this for ages, and I can't remember what they're actually called.

Can anyone suggest any names or perhaps a google link?

It could have been worse. At least source code's not combustible, or you can bet somebody at McAfee would have lit it.


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    Think you are talking about Tea Chests.

    Over 100k miles of Electric Motoring and rising,
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    MFO box

    (min length filler)
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    MFO boxes are flat-packed cardboard now - I can remember having to assemble the old wooden ones but that was years ago!! They have handy pre-cut hand holes now . . .
    One life.
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    MFO Boxes! Yes, I'm sure that's it. I recall they had an odd name, no clue what it stood for, I always remember the rough hessian rope on each end, not to mention they used to turn up on the doorstep early in the morning or were there when we came back from school.

    Dad would come in stick one on the landing and then we got down to boxing everything up. It would always amaze me how he could lift the thing when it was full of everything. I remember the things were packed, then a guy would come in check the M.S.Q whilst we stood around outside, then we all went on our way. Arrive at destination and the boxes would turn up again usually on time, sometimes not so we had to make do with 'odds and ends' until then.

    They still use that little 'arrow' symbol on anything forces related?

    I've still got 'trays' that I eat my food off of with that little arrow on, not to mention some cutlery all these years later. ;)

    Don't suppose anyone knows who makes the 'Almond Smelling' bug spray you used to get in the 80's do you? I had a can of that stuff last me a good 20 years, extremely effective substance and I've never found anything like it that's as effective.

    Anyway, thanks for refreshing my memory and taking me back to my childhood. :D
    It could have been worse. At least source code's not combustible, or you can bet somebody at McAfee would have lit it.
  • Wow - I haven't heard someone mention MFO boxes for years.

    That brings back a few memories.
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    Believe it or not they are still around, 2Div (North of Engalnd) still had them in Catterick, I also recall QM Worhty Down having some 3-4 years ago.#

    I still use mine. my dad has his from the 60s and 70s still (and he retired 18 years ago).
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    I think MFO stood for "Military Forces Overseas"
    the packing crate consisting of four sheets of plywood with bendy tin riveted joints, an interchangeable pair of lid and base, and fourscore half-inch screws. Of course, you always realise that you've packed something vital, just after you've tightened the ninety-fifth screw on the lid. ... of the tenth box...
    Write the address of your posting on the outside, and it turned up at your new accommodation.... eventually!
    Yes, you packed your family's entire belongings into a dozen crates, and went off to another country where you could march into a Married Quarter that was fully equipped.... Oh the memory's of moving every couple of years!!!

    How i dont miss all that dam cleaning!!!

    But thinking about it it could mean...

    Military Flying Objects


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    Your Trash could be another persons Treasure!

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    Military Freight Organisation... now defunct but the terminology lives on!!!

    or more commonly known as Military F** Off Boxes.
    OOH MY!
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    Thought they were called tri-walls now? (haven't seen the wooden ones for years, only cardboard ones now)
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    nah a tri-wall is a pallet size cardboard box(huge), yes they are using cardboard now but Old crusty QMs still issue the wooden ones when they can. B'cos they are going for their MBE and saving the MOD wads of Cash!!!
    OOH MY!
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