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TV gone dutch?

in TV MoneySaving
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This evening can only get sky3/sky news all other stations are Dutch. Missed wimbledon lastnight as no signal .Back to normal this a.m. Did not retune 'till after 9pm tonight when BBC/ITV went Dutch but it's even worse.I'm using freeveiw telly. Can I check out transmissions problems or is it the weather .I'll be a Dutc.......


  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    If you were with Sky or Freesat I would have said your dish was misaligned and picking up 19.0 east where all the Dutch channels are (instead of 28.2) But if you are on freeview that's a mystery. Are you on the east coast perhaps, that might explain it.
  • IronyIrony Forumite
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    I'm in Eastbourne E sussex.No recepion upstairs in bedroom now.
  • BexTechBexTech Forumite
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    It will be the atmospheric conditions.
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