Matalan card still needed?

in Shop but don't drop
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  • I went to a Matalan in Central Scotland Saturday and was told theres no need to have a card but if I signed up Id get money off coupons emailed to me. Took a few mins to sign up for it. Would hate to think Im missing out on anything.:D My friend didnt bother and wasnt asked for a card
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    I never show mine. As another poster said, offers don't work without one.
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    I don't have a card but was shopping in there the other day with my Mum when I saw a pair of half price trousers I wanted.

    She was also buying stuff but as I wanted to use a shopping voucher and she wanted to put it on a debit card we needed to pay seperately.

    We went to a till together and I just used her card and paid then handed it back to her for the next transaction - assistant didn't bat an eyelid!
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    I went into the Banbury one last week and I didn't have my card - she took my name and postcode and pulled the card number from the computer and input it on the till - don't see the problem as I only bought one thing that wasn't on offer for members only but there you go - when I went into the cowley one without the card, she said it would mean my receipt would be void and I couldn't return any of the goods if they were not suitable - not too sure how they would stand if the goods were faulty though?
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    Mines is in scotland too so maybe a trial thing in some scottish stores only?
    I def dont need card as was there again today and very few people were handing over their card as far as I could see (was paying particular attention and felt like a stalker lol) and did not need my card for my transaction either
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    Not sure if I need to use my card but always do as once when I took something back without a receipt they asked for my card and then got all my purchase information from it so they could confirm that I had purchased the item. Thought that was fab!
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    i am always asked for one even in the clearance stores.If i dont have mine I always ask for a day pass before i start as it bugs me when people get to till without one and the assistant then has to go to cust services to sort it out,holding people up!!!!!! Rant over:rolleyes:
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    I work for them and we have been told that legally the company cannot force a customer to take a membership card if they dont want, although we have to still try and get them to sign up for 1 by pointint out the "advantages" to it

    Regarding forgotten cards, a shop should usually take your surname and postcode to pull your card number off the computer system, although obviously if the computer system has crashed (which isnt uncommon) the customer either has to take a new card, or carry on the transaction without it. But as mentioned by other posters, promotions only work when a matalan card is used.
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