Payment protection question

Hi everyone,
Was wondering if anybody knew of a company that has less than a 90 day qualifying period, I dont see the benefit, because I could be made redundant before that with the current ecenomic conditions....Can anybody help?

Thank you! :)


  • melorablackmelorablack Forumite
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    Even with the 90 day qualifying period (which I think is pretty standard) you won't be covered for unemployment you were aware of at the time of the sale. So if you think you will be made redundant soon - steer clear of PPI.
  • m3nuttam3nutta Forumite
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    Surely nobody can prove you knew of any redundancies? but are there any other options if this is the case?
  • melorablackmelorablack Forumite
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    They will ask your employer, they also ask your employer why you lost your job (because dismissals are generally not covered either).

    I don't know about any other options but bear in mind that any insurance company will do their best to not have to pay out. I'd just start saving like mad.
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