I am 57 [ need advice ISA]

and have £650.00 i can save a month , have no one to [at home] ask, should i put it all in a SS ISA or Cash ISA . Advice would help !! I hope to give up work in 12mts , so this a last rush to save!!


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    Hi try filling up your tax free allowance first and then look for a savings account that is high interest. Try reading Martins Saving page for more ideas.
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    Here is a post I wrote to someone else last night. You might find this a better deal than SS ISA or Cash ISA. It's a SIPP (self invested personal pension). Big tax breaks with a SIPP. actually 66% growth on your investment as a high rate tax payer.
    Here's the link... my comments at the bottom


    You could even call Hargreave Lansdown who could help advise on best of ISA or SIPP to suit your needs. Good luck

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