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Complain to get onto the Sign Online tariff.

nPower charges different prices for Sign Online (on--line only tarrif) and Juice (green tariff). Their literature says that their Juice tariff matches the 'normal' tariff - but they mean the standard of-line tariff..

I signed-up on-line last August, and chose the Juice tariff for electricity, and was put on the Sign Online tariff for gas (no green option available). My welcome letter stated that "As a Juice customer ... you will receive exactly the same ... competitive electricity bills as any other npower customer".

I phoned customer services who said they couldn't do anything. Having talked to Ofgem, I e-mailed a complaint to nPower stating that I'd been misled.

A lady from nPower just called me. She was very aggresive, saying that she couldn't do anything. I asked her to put it in writing so that I could complain to Ofgem. Still aggressively, she said that she didn't want to get into an argument ... and then offered to put me onto the Sign Online tariff and back-date it to when I joined up.

I'm assuming that she didn't want to risk being hauled before the ASA or Ofgem for misleading advertising.

Moral of the story - complain and don't take no for an answer.
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