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will a leather sofa be ok in a conservatory ?

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will a leather sofa be ok in a conservatory ?

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sillysisillysi Forumite
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We have recently had our conservatory finished and are now going through the dilema of trying to furnish it.We want a corner sofa and originally decided to go with a fabric sofa but the wife has now decided she wants leather instead. Will it be ok considering the way temperatures change in conservatories ?.It is south facing and also has blinds in it............thanks in advance.


  • DittoDitto Forumite
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    Would'nt it crack with the intense heat in the summer?
    I think you can buy leather "moistiriser" (?) to keep it supple and crack free.

    See if the wife has any spare Oil Of Olay :D
  • I don't know about leather but fabric will definitely fade so I would strongly advise against it.
  • ritac1ritac1 Forumite
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    Having said about fading I would have agreed, but my car has leather seats (pale grey) and is outside all year round. No signs of fading yet. Maybe it depends on the leather, I dont know.

    I was also thinking of a small leather suite for my new conservatory but the thought that it might be too cold to sit on in the winter was putting me off !! :j
  • Leather car seats are specified from -40 to +50 degC ambient. The interior of a car gets far hotter than that in death valley under solar load.
    Every product like this should have a technical specification but you may have to ask the manufacturer for it.
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  • moonrakerzmoonrakerz Forumite
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    Isn't that why cane furniture is very popular in conservatories ?
  • MikeyorksMikeyorks Forumite
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    We had a leather Chesterfield settee / Chesterfield chair and matching wing chair made, 20 years ago.

    They have never been in a conservatory, but did spend most of their life in a lounge adjacent to a multi-fuel rated at 14kw - and which certainly achieved that, most of the winter. We downsized last year and the leather, still in impeccable condition, has gone to a niece.

    The heat won't affect it, but I would certainly minimise the sun on it by using the blinds. A good leather balm should be used as a matter of course, rather than because it's in a warm place.

    Having said all that - unless its a very formal looking conservatory - rattan / cane with good quality upholstery, will look better than leather IMHO !!
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  • waynewayne Forumite
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    dont know what will happen to the leather but if it,s not shaded,if its in sunlight under the glass it will burn the skin off your back when you sit on it.thats if you sit on it with no top on of course.
  • I have leather in the conservatory, It hasnt faced up to a summer yet.

    I think cane furniture is very uncomfortable, looks a bit naff and is overpriced.

    I'd risk it, we bought a new suite for the living room and put the old (2 years!) leather suite into the conservatory. Its cream leather and lots of people have commented on the fact it looks better than cane.

    I grant you it will get hot in the summer but thats what you have blinds for.

    Like someone else said just treat it regularly, should be fine.
  • sillysisillysi Forumite
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    thanks for the replies.we did consider cane furniture but have not found any we like.
    What would be best to use to treat the leather ??
  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    sillysi wrote:
    What would be best to use to treat the leather ??

    Hi sillysi,

    These older threads may help:

    Leather Sofa Care. and Leather 3 piece suite

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