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  • alaredalared Forumite
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    Don`t know if you have been told but if you are going to move from Pgen, inform them within 14 days of getting your letter and they will keep you on the old prices `til your move.
    I`m also on the lookout for a move but the trouble is these search sites are paid a fat fee to get you to move and by the time it all goes through your new provider could have increased their prices too.
    I`m looking at https://www.ebico.co.uk who charge a flat rate no matter how much you use.
    Trouble is they last increased their prices on 1st Sept. 2005 so another must be due shortly.
  • I'm currently with Powergen EngeryOnline Dual Fuel. When I use the comparison sites, it does show a small saving with other providers, but then I noticed that the figures they are using to calculate my current cost with Powergen are not the same as Powergen have sent out from 31/3/06. By my calculations, the savings I can make are about £200/year MORE than suggested by the comparison sites
  • alaredalared Forumite
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    I'm currently with Powergen EngeryOnline Dual Fuel and calculating my old rates to the new increased rates I reckon they`ve whacked my bill up by at least 33%.
    Not only have they massively increased their prices but they`ve also decreased the discount from £50 a year to 11% of your total bill.
    Don`t be surprised to see posts saying Pgen have increased my monthly DD by double.
  • I contacted powergen as I have online dual tariff. The lady reckons that I will benefit more from the 11% discount per month (9% plus 2%). She told me most energy suppliers were getting rid of standing charges. Working on my usage she says I will paying approx £35 per year more for electricity and £50 for gas. I have looked at all the comparison sites but many have changed only to be disappointed with the new supplier or to be more costly so am a bit hesitant about changing. Its difficult to know what to do for best?:confused:
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    i was on energy online pre dec 05 and now when i check the figures have been moved by powergen to there energy saving plan, when by my calculations i would be better off by £84 a year on the new energy online, a saving for me of about 8% surely they will let me move within their products
  • alaredalared Forumite
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    Don`t count on it,maybe you should threaten to move elsewhere and see what they say.
    They`re not to be trusted and will tell you a pack of lies over the phone.
    We`re all in the same boat,afraid to move in case we end up worse off.
    The whole lot of them claim to be cheaper than each other and also slag each other off.
    Look at the latest tv ad "blitish grass",pathetic!
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    Spent all morning and part of the afternoon finding out who would be best supplier for us.
    2 people, mid-terraced, 3 bedrooms. 3500kwh/year electricity, 11900kwh/year gas.
    Seems that for us, and in the southern region, Equigas and BG ClickEnergy are the two best tariffs, so took the big plunge! (Terrified that equigas will put their prices up!!! / Hope that BG will give us all those fantastic discounts! and won't put prices up again soon).

    Incidently, looked at our usage for the past 5 years, since we installed cavity wall insulation in 2001 our gas usage has gone down by more than 20%!!!! I suppose we should get the loft insulation checked.
  • alaredalared Forumite
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    I get ebbico,npower SOL,and BG clickenergy as my first three.
    Ebico hasn`t increased since last Sept. so there must be one in the pipeline(no pun intended)

    BG clickenergy,this is a company I wouldn`t trust as far as I could throw them.If fact I would rather sit and cook by candlelight than have anything to do with them.

    Also on their sight they make a big play about you do everything online and this saves you money.Then they say but there is a telephone support line if needed (you most certainly will)at "premium rate" (just how much is premium rate,to sit in a queue waiting for them to answer)

    So very,very reluctantly it looks like npower,but only to get away from a more useless lot called POWERGEN.
  • marybishopmarybishop Forumite
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    I recently switched to P'gen from BGas & Seeboard (I'd never switched before). Got comparison from uswitch.com which showed P'gen as being cheapest for my usage but then rang P'gen direct and the saving was even more. I queried this with P'gen who said that the comparison sites do get a fee for people switching through them so it's probably worth getting the comparison quotes then phoning the cheapest to see if it's even cheaper and switching direct with the supplier.
  • alaredalared Forumite
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    Just goes to show what a fiasco the whole industry is.
    I`ve been 15 years with Pgen and now I find they are the dearest and they say they can`t find me a cheaper tariff to keep my custom but for you (Marybishop)they turn out to be the cheapest.
    The whole things a joke but not very funny.
    Why doesn`t the regulator intervene?
    He says there`s that much "competition" out there,he doesn`t need to.
    (the only competition is who can confuse the public the most)
    The gov. doesn`t give a monkey`s because the higher the cost the more tax they get.
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