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Hi all, I was woundering has anyone been to orlando recently and gained free entry to any parks using ure id? like the heros salute, most sites talk about military discount for us forces i wounderd did it apply for uk forces also? or any sites that offer discounts were a family of 4 adults.
any info much appreciated


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    we got free entry to sea world in 2005 (2 adults and 2 children) not sure if they still do that someone else might be able to say if it that is still available, have you been on Sea world/busch gardens website? They are owned by the same company 'Busch Anaheim' or something and had all the info on there.
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    We went to Florida last October - you can get into Sea World and Busch Gardens (Tampa) for free with your ID card. Both parents must present ID cards to qualify - you can get one free entry per 12 months. The staff at Sea World did say to me that Brit families often turn up with only the Service person having ID and they have to insist on the spouse paying so make sure both take ID cards.

    Flash your ID wherever possible - we got discounts in lots of stores, eg, Nike.

    We also got a good discount on the package by booking through the Thomas Cook Staff Club.

    Check out The Dibb website for lots of good ideas!

    Have a great time ... we did!:j
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