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hi i just got a baxi backboiler and firefront installed, i need to use the firefront in my living room as the radiator aint enough to heat it in the colder nights, i got a high gas bill in recently and now im trying to keep an eye on what im using to try and cut down a bit.

So i want to know how much my firefront costs to run per hour, the figures below are from the baxi brochure for the ts3 firefront. So at low and high setting how much gas am i using?

Output (Max) 3.1
Output (Min) 1.7
Input (Max) 6.52

Seasonal Efficiency (SEDBUK) Rating = 77.0 (50.5)


  • tigger2tigger2 Forumite
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    Think it will be 6.52 X ( Whatever you kwh price is for gas)?

    On Min not sure as you do not give a input KWh fig.

    Would think on max it will be about 20p an hr on max?
  • mystic_bertiemystic_bertie Forumite
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    sorry the info was not clear, not sure if that helps

    Output (Max) 3.1Kwh
    Output (Min) 1.7Kwh
    Input (Max) 6.52Kwh

    is the outputs based on the heat produced or the gas used
  • tigger2tigger2 Forumite
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    Imput 6.25 output 3.1 you pay for the imput . The rest is waste products . Out the flue etc.

    The output is the actual heat you will get out.
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    The output is what you're getting into the room. But much of the difference between the Input / Output is surely what's going into the back-boiler, to heat the water?
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    I think that having the heating on and a gas fire is going to be an expensive way of heating your home. I've been told a gas fire uses as much gas as a boiler.

    Could you look at having the living room radiator replaced with something newer, I have been told by our plumber that the new radiators give out much more heat, even on the same size. Have a radiator thermostat fitted at the same time.
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