Due to popular demand a new thread has been opened.

This is a continuation of various other threads. the old one is now locked and a new one is started.  

The following are the prior incarnations

Thread 21
Thread 20
Thread 19
Thread 18
Thread 17
Thread 16
Thread 15
Thread 14
Thread 13
Thread 12
Thread 11
Thread 10
Thread 9
Thread 8
Thread 7
Thread 6
Thread 5
Thread 4
Thread 3
Thread 2  
Thread 1  
Keep up the hunting    
P.S. And if once in a while someone would do a quick summary of the key bargains and codes it'd be very helpful to newcomers.  

All the best

Important Note from Martin to newcomers

First of all, welcome. It's important you know this site is completely free to use, independent, unbiased and completely free of advertising.  Also a warning.  Often MoneySaving is urgent; free flights, product loopholes, short lived credit card offer, mis-pricing of goods are common occurrences.  

The best way to take advantage is to sign up to the (free and ad-free of course) Money Tips email which comes out each week, so you hear when something needs acting on quickly.  To do so just put your name in the box on the top left of this page.  And please do recommend the site to everyone you know.  I hope you save some money.


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