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'Should we withdraw from Europe?' poll discussion

edited 15 June 2009 at 3:11PM in Money Saving Polls
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  • europaeuropa Forumite
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    I challenge anyone who voted E to come up with REAL evidence to justify such a move. Of course the EU has its faults, but so does the UK! Besides, considering how difficult we are vis-a-vis other EU members, we should count ourselves lucky not to have been kicked out already!
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    europaeuropa Forumite
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    Justamum wrote: »
    I don't think Switzerland and Norway are particularly grim are they?

    You cannot compare CH and N to the UK. They are countries with tiny populations and, in the case of N, immense natural resources.

    Furthermore, they are both so rich they can afford to stay out of the EU, the UK however is not!
  • rama0927rama0927 Forumite
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    Excuse me, but who'd vote out of the EU alltogether, it would be devestating?

    I want less integration, but keep free trade - it is a huge benefit for us if we can trade freely with Europe.

    Hopefully the less integration option would cut down our MASSIVE contribution, ideally paying no contribution but having free trade, but that is a dream world.
  • Lots of interesting statements here!! :)
    Q: Why do so many countries want to join the EU?
    A: So the UK can pay them a fortune to join the 20th century! (some are in the 19th currently!!)

    We need to be removing red tape, not creating even more, leaving the EU would be a weight off th UK.
    No more stupid EU regulations, no more overruling the will of the UK population.

    We would not be worse off, the exchange rates favour our businesses anyway, but these things come and go.

    The UK must regain control over its borders, no matter where people come from.
    We are a small island, there are already too many people in the UK, look at the ever expanding cities.

    The UK population wants less involvement with Europe, why do our elected representatives not do our bidding?
  • npw32jnwnpw32jnw Forumite
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    The big example that some have mentioned is Switzerland, who whilst they retain their sovereignty by remaining outside the EU, still have access to the markets within the EU at preferential rates (not sure whether they are as good as for members of the EU, but it doesnt seem to do them any harm, does it?!)

    The problems that we have are that as a relatively wealthy member of the union, we pay more into the common pot than (especially but not limited to) the newer members of the union. We also get less back. If this money were to be kept in the UK, we would more than likely be up on the deal.

    We would also be able to take hold of our own laws again - not that everything which has come out of Europe has been bad, but there have certainly been some bizarre things, and the Human Rights Act (which has stirred up controversy everywhere it has touched) is one such thing.

    For me, if a referendum were to be held now, the UK would almost certainly vote to leave the EU, no matter what the arguments were - perception is stronger than fact - look at what a few dodgy MPs has done - now all MPs (even the honest hard working ones) are now tarnished with the expenses brush.
  • npw32jnwnpw32jnw Forumite
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    CERIDWEN - I feel as though you are having a bit of a pop at me - I have 3 kids, yet pay a shed load of tax and this more than covers what I get back from govt services. Did you mean to alienate a proportion of the readers of your post? I 'cover my costs' as you put it, I don't ask for handouts, but you lump me in with illegal immigrants?
  • Question: Is the UK paying more money into the EU than we are getting out?

    Can anybody tell us here, please do!

  • When it comes to government the old adage "Less is more" is most certainly valid.
    Too many non-productive people forcing their will on others.

    How many people reading this actually feel their views are heard and respected?

    For example, ID cards, what a farce!
    I don't know anyone that wants them, yet the government wants to waste billions forcing them on the public.
    I feel that every non-UK citizen should carry an ID card, that seems like common sense.

    Europe will impose more of the same....

    In terms of monies spent by the UK government, all contracts should go to UK firms. It's a no-brainer. The money renters the UK system, providing positive feedback. All vehicles use by councils, police, etc. should be made in the UK.

    I really don't get this whole Globalisation mantra, certainly doesn't help the man on the street.
  • Jazz2kJazz2k Forumite
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    I think we should get the Royal family back into running the country, get rid of these MP's. All they do is waste money, time and then want to claim for it.

    Lets get ourselves out of the EU, get Britain back to how it was 20 years ago.
    Have a complete stop on immigration for a few years and get our population back to work in jobs. Lets not be lazy or take the easy way out.
    You want to live, then work!

  • B - We're stronger together as a united europe rather than apart.
    Saving for a house deposit and associated costs:

    £7750/£30000 = 25.83%
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