Council strike: support it or not?

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Poll Started 28 March 2006. Council workers are fighting for their pensions, the plan is to shift retirement age to 65 rather than 60. Their strike means disruptions and closures to public transport and schools. Do you support their strike? Which of these is closest to your view?

No. It'll cost billions. Why should we pay more when we've to retire older too?

No. Though it's unfair, other public sectors will retire at 60, all should be at 65

Yes. It's unfair, they're losing these rights but other public sector workers aren't

Yes. Pensions are important, it's unfair to change the terms

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  • BibendumBibendum Forumite
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    Where do I vote????

    (the right answer is N 2:D)
  • IvanOpinionIvanOpinion Forumite
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    No sympathy from me .. the private sector is being expected to work longer and save more in an attempt to fund their own and the public sector pensions. Either contribute more (as the private sector is expected to do) or retire later (as the private sector is expected to do) ... there should be no special rules for a certain group of people.

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  • caroline1973leftycaroline1973lefty Forumite
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    I fully support the strike and I entirely agree there should be no special rules for a particular class of people. Low-paid council workers don't want a special deal either - they want everyone to have the right to retire at 60, public and private sector!

    There is so much hypocrisy here - 17 company bosses wrote to the Times yesterday saying that retiring at 60 on full pensions (note - for council workers it is only £31pw on average) was unaffordable. But - guess how many of these 17 bosses are themselves allowed to retire at, or before, 60 on full (and huge) pension?

    Every single one of them!

    Don't let them pit private sector against public sector or young against old - it is the rich fat cats that we ought to be holding to account for taking pension holidays and plundering workers pension schemes.

    (ok the user name gives it away a bit but I hope you'll see my point!)
    "The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed" - Ghandi
  • IvanOpinionIvanOpinion Forumite
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    That is all very well but the same people have to learn to eject their own heads form their own arses and realise that unless they contribute more or work longer then they can strike all they like but that is not going to magic any more money.

    In the past couple of days I have heard this make believe myth that they get paid less therefore it one of their perks that they get a bigger pension. According to the governments own stats that is rubbish (the average full-time private worker gets paid less than the average full-time public worker). Also if it is perk then maybe someone can prove this by showing it to me in the terms & conditions of employment and then like any perks the I am entitled to I hope the government is screwing them intot he ground with additional taxes.

    Public sector workers are NOT contributing enough towards their pensions ... they need to at least double their contributions (just like many in the private sector).

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  • They are striking because there colleagues paying into the same Local Goverrment Pension Fund have been told they can retire at early, but unlucky for you!!
    It has to be the same for everybody, including MP's, Civil Service, Police, etc.
    The Deputy PM has made this decision so now he has to justify it.
    There has been a lot of mis-infromation in the press and really people should read between the lines before jumping on the band wagon.

    If you appreciate my post I really appreciate a Thankyou
  • You should try to explain to my father who has been working for the same council since he was 21 (he is now 58) why he has to add on an additional 5 years to his service. He has worked longer and harder than most of those in the police and fire brigade and yet they are both allowed to retire early!

    He has made his own provision outside of his local government pension so bang goes you arguement about paying more in! He has recently been told by the Chief Executive of his council that he is not allowed to retire early as it will cost the council too much!

    There is no loyalty shown here - after 37 years service he is being given a two fingered salute and yet my brother in law who is a policeman will be retiring at 48 with a nice fat pension and a huge lump sum. Tell me, where is the parity in this situation. If they are going to attack government officers then it should be ALL of them not just those who do the dogs work that nobody else wants to get involved with.
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  • I understand from the media that the public sector employees pension is known as an 85, this is based on 25 years service to the age of 60, if this is the case my reference number is 115, 50 years service to the age of 65, for the record I had to retire at 60 through ill health, this resulted in my losing 5% of my final salary pension, and I did not have the option of strike action to blackmail my employers
  • bobsa1bobsa1 Forumite
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    I work for a LA and I know I work harder than many in the private sector. I am paid for 18.5 hrs a week and work approx 30 (no overtime paid.) Everyday I face abuse from the public, poor working conditions and lots of job uncertainty.

    All I want is the pension entitlement I was promised when I joined the scheme, no more, no less.

    I think some people feel the public sector is a cushy number, I'm sure for some it is, but then for some so is the private sector.

    The strike was to maintain our rights, not get more and as a non union person I have now joined the union and was on strike yesterday.

    I am not at work today (annual leave) and therefore this is not being written during works time in case anyone wondered.
  • I have voted on Andrea's options but for me the issue goes much deeper.
    Why should some people in society have reliable guaranteed pension conditions and others have no control over where the 'original goalposts' are moved to?
    We hear that MP's pensions are safe, even being enhanced. Are they more valuable to society than all the hospital workers, fire officers and council employees?
    Most of those striking yesterday probably voted for this Government in the belief that their values and life's work would be protected.
    Are we really so short sighted as to complain about yesterday's disruption? We should rather be complaining to our MP's that they have left no other means of drawing attention to such an unfair system.
    This situation reflects Government policy which is no better than the Tory 'keep the working masses down' philosophy. :angry:
  • tanithtanith Forumite
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    Although I think the strike may not do the least bit of good apart from show how deeply most of those affected feel about it..I'm sure lots of those women on strike have never done anything like that in their lives.. I do think it is unfair to change the goalposts for those who were expecting to take it easy from 60 to have to now face another 5yrs work..

    I really don't know what the answer is because there are good valid arguments for both sides all I know is if I was faced with another 5yrs work at age 60 I would want to vent my anger at someone also.....
    #6 of the SKI-ers Club :j

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke
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