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Best Card for Abroad?


I'm going to America in September for two week, to Vegas and San Fran. I'm signing up for a fairfx charge card to bring my spending money across on, but am thinking I'll need a credit card for damage deposits at hotels etc.

Can anyone recommend the best credit card which will give me no monthly fees? I'm not going to use for buying things it so don't really want to pay :)



  • M4RKMM4RKM Forumite
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    if you get a card, and pay it off in full, if you put anything to it, then you won't incur any interest. it isn't a damage deposit as such, it is just an authorization incase you use any of the other services such as room service, mini bar, tv, internet etc.

    What i'd do is use a nationwide credit card, for the pre-authorizations at hotels, and then still pay on the fairfx card.

    the nationwide gives one of the best rates and also only a 1% visa fee on foreign currency transactions, so if you do use it, you know you're getting a great rate!

    Also, the fairfx card is a prepay card, not a charge card. (charge card is a terminolgy for a card such as an original green amex, that requires full payment every month, etc)
  • Thank markymoo. I'll take a look at the Nationwide card.

    I meant to say pre-paid card in reference to the FairFX card, just got the words wrong :)

  • aptapt Forumite
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    Abbey Zero and Post Office credit cards are worth considering. They have no overseas loading.
  • jess444_2jess444_2 Forumite
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    Sorry to sound dim, but what does overseas loading mean.:confused:
  • fifekenfifeken Forumite
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    jess444 wrote: »
    Sorry to sound dim, but what does overseas loading mean.:confused:

    A charge by the bank for allowing you to withdraw foreign currency. Normally 2 to 3% although only 1% with Nationwide when outside Europe.
  • eslickeslick Forumite
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    dont go with abbey zero their customer service is terrible and they probably wont get you a card by sept try the post office it nearly the same. Nationwide now charge and because of this isnt as good.

    cant comment on the prepaid card you mentioned but our in laws tried one a few years back and couldnt use it every where.

    we just take our credit card and a few hundred dollars in cash and this way you get the bank rate which is always better than the high street rate.
  • cmh4135cmh4135 Forumite
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    The lead story here refers to an abbey promotion to put zero loading on most cards for June/July. Abbey seem completely unaware of this and won't put the offer on.

    Anyone had the offer confirmed?
  • michaelsmichaels Forumite
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    Does this apply to all the legacy MBNA Abbey branded credit cards as well?
    I think....
  • cmh4135cmh4135 Forumite
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    I can't get them to confirm any of the offer...
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