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Marbles unbelievable interest rates!! help please


I am having a problem with my Marbles credit card (balance 800.00). Marbles used to be a good card to have, only recently its been taken over and they keep putting the rates up to something ridiculous - currently 34% and due go up even further! Its astonishing. From what I have read online its all due to the takeover etc, but from what I can see from my new replacement card they are now owned by HBOS- so I cannot see whay they are increasing there rates to such huge levels. I have cards with Halifax already at much lower rates. Im totally fed up with Marbles and so to assist me by husband is trying to do a balance transfer from his capital one card to clear my marbles card- but for some reason that wont work. Something to do with marbles high interest rates capital one have said..not sure I understand how this effects a transfer? Anyone any idea? My husband is now going to try with his Barclays card tommorow and see if that works.

I am getting worried as the interest rate is crazy and I just want to get rid of the card. Anyone else with any similar experiences with Marbles?

Thanks Laura x


  • Lilith1980
    Lilith1980 Posts: 2,100 Forumite
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    Is it possible to cancel your card? I think this would stop you being able to spend on it but it would freeze the interest rate?

    I will have to do this with my Virgin card soon as it's 34.9% but it comes in handy for emergency purchases and I can't get another card :(
  • Laumandu
    Laumandu Posts: 8 Forumite
    Hi, Thanks for the reply - apparently you have to do so by today, or the interest increases - as I had tried to do the balance transf I haven't informed them. Its probably too late at this time now so Im keeping my fingers crossed it can be done on the barclays card :-(
  • mikey72
    mikey72 Posts: 14,680 Forumite
    My marbles is 14.94%
  • Laumandu
    Laumandu Posts: 8 Forumite
    mikey72 wrote: »
    My marbles is 14.94%

    If you look online alot of customers have had card rates put up for marbles for some reason its a certain percentage of the card holders. It cant have anything to do with my credit rating as according to experian its excellent and Ive never had even a late payment.
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