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Hi Im looking for a light portable note book but one thats not expensive. 400 ish mark

Main use will be interenet, MS office, Accounting software and to maintain my website so maybe photoshop sometimes but thats not on top of list. Also just want to get a large ex HD that I can store my music on for iphone.

I really want HP kinda key pad where numbers are on side but this may prove hard so doesnt matter Ill get a plug in keyboard for office.

Any ideas?


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    Have you considered a Dell mini? These usually come with the Linux operating system installed (Ubuntu flavour) but you could put Windows on one. The price is good too. Sometimes you can pick them up (new) for under £150.

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    The upcoming Packard Bell 'dot' series of netbooks will supposedly come bundled with a copy of Photoshop Elements 6, but netbooks aren't exactly known for their processing cababilities. Your only real alternatives at that price point are refurbished laptops, especially if you're planning on doing some photo editing.

    How about this one? It's big, but it does have a full keypad.
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