Repeat 0% from Abbey Zero

Just been offered 0% for 6 months with £0 fee on my Abbey Zero card. Seemed rude not to take them up on the offer, so just done the transfer, and they've confirmed that the promotional balance end date is actually 7th January 2010 - which I make to be just over 7 months :beer:

Best of it was, if I hadn't done the transfer I'd have been stung for the inactivity fee that they've recently introduced :D


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    I've had exactly the same deal, and yep the January 2010 seems to be the end date for the 0% promotion (with no fee :j).

    As the letter stated that it was 0% for 6 months, it makes a really nice change to get a little bit of a bonus with them, especially as normally the Card Providers seem to manage to cut these promotions short.

    Nice One Abbey (soon to be be Santandar) :beer:
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