ryanair. help a clueless flyer

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How much luggage can you take - quantity and weight, without paying the £20?
I'm so confuzzled, i'm looking into flights to germany because we have a wedding to go to. The only flights we have been on have been holiday package ones where everything is simple and included. Looking at the ryanair website and seeing 'fee here and fee there' is scaring me!
On the book in bit it says TOTAL £160 that seems to include the online checking fee.... so what other fees should we expect? checking bookings on BA are comming to around the £400 mark! so obviously ryanair is our best bet.

theres 3 of us - 2 adults and 1 child buying return flights.

i'm sorry, i'm totally clueless.

Thank's to everyone who replys with a HELPFUL reply.


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    I'm not sure - i think they charge for all checked baggage now (so you are just allowed hand baggage) - but someone more knowledgeable may come along with the answer (I don't like flying with them!)

    You could try skyscanner and traveljungle which are flight search engines and give you an idea of pricings with other airlines.

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    Hand luggage allowance is 15kg but make sure you do not go over.
    Then the charges are ridiculous!

    If you are only going for a couple of nights 15kg should be enough.
    We always weigh our bags before we go.

    If you need food or drink buy them at boots after check in, they do a good meal deal.
    Not allowed liquids through security anyway.

    It will be a lot cheaper than BA but just check all the details on their website.

    I have flown with Ryanair quite a lot & have never had a problem.
    They have changed a few things so I'll be doing the same the next time I book!

    There's a lot of good advise on here though, have a look but don't be put off. They are a lot cheaper than others.
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    Hand luggage is only 10kg and only one piece allowed, handbags, duty free etc must be packed in the one piece of hand luggage.

    Hold luggage is 15kg, hope this is a helpful reply.
    Its not that we have more patience as we grow older, its just that we're too tired to care about all the pointless drama ;)
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