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applying for dro

in IVA & DRO
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well i sent my forms back to the national debtline on saturday-they still have not recieved them, i have nearly £10,000:eek: in debit-credit cards, catalogues, and overdrafts, the credit cards keep ringing me evern though i have told them i can only offer them £1 a month but it is not good enough for them, they say because i have always paid up until last month they cannot see how i cannot pay now!!! but when i was paying them i had no money left over for food and toiletries i tried to explain this to them but they don't care. I was made redundant last jan and then i was made sick in april-turns out i have ms, and this is preventing me from finding work at the moment or anytime soon, so now i get is with disability premium, hb, and ctb. i also have a tribunal in sept (probally) for dla, my question is if this gets back dated then can i still appy for a dro, or will it be revoked? i would be back dated to the begining of december. any advice gratefully recieved


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