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Loyalty Points Article Discussion

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This thread is specifically to discuss the content of the

Loyalty Cards Article

You can also join in discussions about boosting your
Tesco Clubcard points
, Nectar points, Boots Advantage Card points and Airmiles

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  • MKPhil05MKPhil05
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    I get 80 Airmiles for every 250 Tesco Points. Back at the begining of the scheme (when Tesco replaced Sainsbury for Airmiles - around 2002) if you spent more than £60 a week you got 80 Airmiles per 250 points, instead of 60. Seemingly they don't do this anymore for new customers but oldies like me have been "grandfathered in" - so my 250 points is worth £6.92 when used as Airmiles.
  • Hello,

    I've recently started collecting Airmiles. I've received my Lloyds Airmiles Duo cards (which I will of course pay off monthly), but a week or so ago, when I was finding out about Airmiles I am certain I came across a site, might have been this one even, that explained that I could claim Airmiles by 'registering' and then using my regular current account card. I can not for the life me find this again on this site, or the Airmiles site.
    Did I dream it??

  • No, you didn't dream this. I saw it too! It said something along the lines of more details to follow and then mysteriously disappeared off their website.
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    Since the change in the AirMiles scheme to banded zones, their value for certainly some destinations has nosedived. They no longer have special flight deals nor do the prices in miles vary when BA has a sale. For instance we fly to Phoenix every year. Their current fare from Heathrow is £451-30 each for the dates we have chosen. AirMiles require 8000 points. At the calculated rate on this site, those miles should be worth £680. Furthermore we booked our flights during the recent BA sale and only paid £329 each. Had we used AirMiles we would have been paying double that amount each. Even at the current fare, the calculated value of an Air Mile is reduced to only 5.64p. At the sale fare one AirMile is only worth 4.11p. For those on the original rate, the value is only increased by one third. At the current rate of 60 miles per £2.50 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers the 8000 Miles required needs £333.33 of Clubcard vouchers which are worth £1333.32 in Clubcard deals, or at the old 80 mile rate, it requires £250 worth of Clubcard points, worth £1000 in deals. Hence changing Clubcard points for AirMiles is now nowhere near such a good deal as it once was when the number required reflected actual prices or was on special offer.
  • I'm an avid Tesco Clubcard voucher collector, and have used them successfully for many years. However, I've recently changed nearly £900 worth of points into holiday vouchers for a holiday in Summer 2010 with Active and Afloat (one of the Reward Scheme offers). When I tried booking with A&A, I was given a quote for £6774, but was advised that if I went direct trhough Le Boat (which is the main firm that owns A&A), the cost for the IDENTICAL holiday would be £4704. Of course, Le Boat doesn't accept Tesco vouchers.
    In other words, I was being penalised £2000 simply for using Tesco vouchers. So my £3550 of vouchers were in effect only worth £1550.
    I know this website actively promotes changing your clubcard points into holiday vouchers, to 'boost' your spending power, but this scam simply doesn't make sense to me. I've taken the matter up with Tesco who appear not to be bothered by this issue, and are willing to continue their association with A&A. I'm not sure whether any other Tesco Clubcard offers incur a similar 'penalty'? One to be aware of folks.....
  • Hi , Just booked a cruise with Cunard on Queen Victoria , med cruise next year . all paid for in tesco vouchers . The way we did it was to pay for everything on a tesco credit card , then pay the balance off each month . We usually get about £100 a quarter in vouchers x4 = £400 . Save the vouchers for a year to 18 months and you have enough for a luxury holiday cruise . Shame though that the max you can redeem against a Virgin Holiday is £800 per person and with Cosmos £400 per person . However so far cruises like cunard and P&O are unrestricted
  • I couldn't believe Tesco coupons are worth so much when i looked on ebay.
  • I want to take advantage of the topps tiles offer £5 of points for £15 at topps tiles, If i have 5000 points on my account do i have to wait for vouchers come through the post to exchange or can i just exchange them another way??
    Survey earnings=£

    Started Feb 2013
  • After exchanging £30 into £90 of Macdonalds Hotel vouchers I thought it would be a great way of having a night away with the children and incorporating this with Lego Land. Online guide price was £140 for the night. I was quoted £219.50 and an additional £30 for the children. My £90 of vouchers has just cost me an extra £109.50 above the online price.(costing me an extra £19.50) The online price was not a special offer and the booking was for May on a tuesday night.I am so disapointed, when i question Macdonalds Hotel she simply said it will always be more expensive than the online price because you are using tesco rewards. How am i being rewarded for being a tesco customer...?? i seem to only hear of good stories which is why i exchanged them in the first place...is it just me:mad:
  • I bought 2xcases wine for the Extra 750 pts offer. Points didn't register after payment went through. Can anyone advise me when you get the extra pts. Thanks:T
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