'Do old dating traditions still apply?' poll discussion

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  • B. Old fashioned ways are still the best. :beer:
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    hieveryone wrote: »
    A friend of mine went on a date and they got a taxi home (two addresses). When they got to hers, he looked at the meter and told her 'that'll cover you to here' :o She was not best pleased and did not call him again! lol

    Maybe he was hoping she would invite him in?
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    I went with 'I- split it equal and I'm female' and as I went on a first date only last Wednesday I think this is apt forum for me!

    I paid for the cinema [using orange 241 deal] and he paid for the meal [also a 241 type deal]. We took turns buying the drinks- each getting a round in- so we paid basically the same amount overall, give/take a quid or 2.

    I have had dates insist on paying, or paying before I even had a chance to open my mouth, but I usually just accept their kindness and generousity. But, to avoid the bloke [if he's the kind who wants to split things equally etcetc] feeling awkward or not knowing how to approach the subject, I usually beat him to it by stating something about splitting it down the middle... if he then moves into the realms of offering to pay, then I allow him to! I'm a thrifty lass so I'm not going to pay for something if I don't have to! LOL (otherwise it stays 50:50.)
    If any bloke ever expected anything off me- even just a little kiss- simply by paying for a meal, I'd give him a slap and be on my way. I'm not a prostitute after all and wouldn't wanted to be treated like one!
  • If you like the other person and want to see them again, you pay secretly while the other person is in the loo or out having a smoke, and then when they complain you apologise and suggest that the other person pays for the second date. That way, if the other person is in any way decent, you'll get a second date. :-)

    Alternatively, if things are moving fast, suggest instead moving on to a nice little cosy winebar with a late license (preferably either near your place or his/hers), and suggest that the other person can return the favour by buying a really nice bottle of wine in there. Or two. :D
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    In this age of emancipation I believe that the person inviting should pay regardless of sex - however it is good manners that the guest offers to pay or 'go dutch'. There is no such thing as a 'free meal' the saying goes.
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    I, half each and I'm female. For example take turns buying rounds in the pub, if in a restaurant pay half each unless one person has had an expensive steak and the other person has had salad then there's room for flexibility. My boyfriend and I were both under 25 when we started dating though in 2000.
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    100 times as many women think the man should pay as think the woman should pay.

    No further comment.
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    I'd be less fussy if it was a cinema date since I'm not hosting however I go with the idea that those that specifically invite someone to dinner are acting as a host and should pay. I personally enjoy the act of giving and in such a context I would feel uncomfortable if my guest insisted on paying unless she was a already a regular date. On the other hand I would regard it as good manners after a meal if we went to a bar afterwards that they bought the first round.

    If the date evolved into a relationship then such things become more equal but in reality would depend on the solvency of either partner, but what can be given in return my the less solvent partner based need not be expensive such as a homecooked meal or an invite to be their partner at a function they are invited to.

    The best kind of date would pay for you to have a lap dance after the meal :D
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    Been a long time since I was last on a 'date' but back in the day I would have offered to pay but would still have liked the man to actually pay the bill. However if we were then to go on for drinks I would have paid for a couple of rounds to even it out. Unless I thought the guy was totally loaded and could afford to flash the cash!! :D

    Once I'm actually in a relationship then split the bill or he pays one night I pay the next type of thing. Now I'm an old married woman with joint accounts we both pay.....or we can't afford to go out!:rotfl:
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    I put O - I'm female and think whoever asks whoever out should pay. I have never actually asked anyone else out so I'd win there....:p.

    I would definitely offer to return the favour, or take the initiative to buy drinks at a pub after. I also would cook at home in return if it's someone I really like.

    If it was someone I didn't think I'd be seeing again I would offer to split the bill. If he said no I'd leave it at that.
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