Glasgow warning: 'free' bags of designer makeup? ha!

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If you get accosted by an apprentice-like suited guy offering you a wee black bag of 'free' designer make-up (can't remember the name, sorry) - beware - you'll get roped into their 5 minute spiel and eventually be told that you have to pay to buy something ridiculously priced to get the bag 'free.' I've seen gaggles of them in Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Galleries and today in Shawlands Arcade (can't imagine who they thought they'd find there to buy it!).

I'm sure they're around in other cities but I can only speak for Glasgow.


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    I got accosted by one of those sales people as well, great hook to get you listening... free make-up. Once I was told the price I was like...what!!?? Never heard of the cosmetics either, although they show you a pic of a celeb in a mag singing its praises. Steer clear of them and the product.
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    think I saw these girls setting up in Shawlands arcade on Fri. Thanks for the advice!
  • Also saw them in Clydebank and in WH Smiths on Argyll street AND Sauchiehall Street! Victoria Jackson rings a bell as to their name, but I'm not 100% on that.
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    Yeah I'm sure that's right. They're still going then! Don't know why Smiths are allowing it, surely they're putting the customers off.
  • i can remember getting harassed by a guy that i thought was a bulky security guard last year but was actually selling the make up! think it was something like £30/£40 for a bag of make up id never heard of. definately put me off the store as they were there every day
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    They were at W H Smiths in The Plaza East Kilbride today.
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    I quite often see these people set up at WH Smiths in Dundee as well. Don't know why they let them set up there, the number of people you see deliberately swerving past the shop coz they've heard it all before.
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    jenando999 wrote: »
    Don't know why they let them set up there, .

    Because they pay the fee to be there, same as they pay the fee to be in the shopping malls.
  • My friend bought one of these at Xmas, cost £25 but she got about 5 different items, all nicely packaged, with mirrors etc, split them up and used them as extra pressies, she was delighted with them. I got one as part of my Xmas, and its lovely, nice set with what looks like good quality make up in a nice box and brushes.
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    I work in St Andrews, and we had one of these smartly dressed guys come in selling this make-up. Our receptionist ended up buying the £25 gift set too, have to admit it did look nice, but I found it quite off putting that he just came in off the street to do some hard selling. Said receptionist has now left, and I've never seen the guy since.
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