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door to door sales people!!

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door to door sales people!!

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vtmilvtmil Forumite
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Hi, southern electric knocked on my door this morning - normally i would ignore them but my daughter was asleep and i didnt want to wake her so i opened the door. As usal trying to sell electric/gas - i said i was already with London electric(even tho im with npower but looking to change) so no thankyou, but she told me they were cheaper that london electric. I still said no, but she called her friend over who continued to tell me how good southern electric are. So i stupidly let them in and i ended up signing with them.

i checked on the comparison site and they are not the cheapest by far so i'm going to cancel i am within my righs arnt i?

I'm just annoyed-they shouldnt lie to get business should they??


Any tips of getting rid of door to door salespeople in the future? i must look like a pushover!!


  • vgopalvgopal Forumite
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    just say that you are not the bill payer or something, and not to come back beacuse they will waste their time and just close the door on them.
    and if they do come back just say i told you that you wasted your time coming back.
    Waddle you do eh?
  • mattomatto Forumite
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    I actually keep a copy of my tariff by the front door. Normally the salespeople can't get away enough fast enough when I produce it and ask to see theirs.

    Anyway you have seven days cancellation period. The salespeople should have told you or given you a leaflet explaining how to cancel.

    The code of practice is available here: (see sections 7 and 9 and if you think they have done something wrong sections 10 and 11).
  • tigerlilytigerlily Forumite
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    I had one call round last year...when I told him I was on a key meter he couldnt get away fast enough!! maybe thats the answer!! I would never ever deal with a company who touts for custom in that way. They never seem able to just leave the tariff details etc for you to read and take in/understand at your leisure which makes me think its not as great as they claim!!
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  • These sales people generally earn bonuses based on the number of signings and will occasionally do anything to get people to sign over.

    ALWAYS SAY NO, and if you want to switch research it yourself.

    As others have said sure fire ways of getting rid of these people:

    "I'm not the bill payer"
    "i have arrears of £2000"
    "I can see your c*ck - your flies are undone" and when they look down close the door in their face. (Doesn't work *quite* as well on women)
    It's BOUGHT (to Buy), not BROUGHT (to bring) AND you cannot be frauded, only DEfrauded.

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  • what about:

    we are renting and the bills are paid by the landlord...
    we are renting and our contracts does not allow us to change providers...
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  • vtmilvtmil Forumite
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    gr8 ideas thanks everyone!! i cancelled the contract today too...
  • ManAtHomeManAtHome Forumite
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    Just say "no thanks, I'm busy" and shut the door. They've all signed up to the "get easy money without having to do a lot" job adverts and deserve a lot less than the minimal courtesy I show.
  • Ivrytwr3Ivrytwr3 Forumite
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    Get a sign saying "No Door to Door sales"

    They will get into trouble if they disturb you when a sign like this is displayed and you complain. I used to get maybe 1 or 2 sale people a week, ever since putting this sign up i haven't had any.
  • skylightskylight Forumite
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    I have physically removed one of these people from a friends house when she stupidly let them in.

    Another put his foot in my door when I tried to close it on him (at my house). this was met with "I have Large German Shepherd who can make it to the gate in under 2 seconds. Can you?" He left very fast!

    You are not a pushover. Do not demean yourself to such. Its these sales people that are scum and they are trained to make you say yes - we don't get any training in saying no!

    Just smile nicely and say no - then close the door. No drama, do not answer any further questions or re-open the door. Just do it calmly. It is your house - you are not being rude. Look at it that you are actually saving them wasting their time on you!
  • Dazza.mk_2Dazza.mk_2 Forumite
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    My wife had a problem with one a few years ago (before we met), he eventually had her signing up for Gas (even though she only had an electric supply) in order to get rid of him.

    We've recently been bugged by the same company door - to - door, the last one was happily trying to tell me that they had taken over British Gas & Powergen business in the area and therefore wanted to move everyone over (almost smirked!)
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