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    I had a tub of Asda Hoi Sin Almonds and Seeds mix on Thursday and I have had bitter metal mouth since Friday evening.

    Totally put me off my food at the weekend.
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    d-seven wrote: »
    I've had pine nuts loads of time and never suffered pine mouth!

    Me too. Been eating them for years (usually from Lebanon rather than China though).

    However the OP is right that lots of people are complaining about this.


    I couldn't find Pine Nuts last week in our 2 local supermarkets, I wonder if this is why? I thought there must be a world shortage of them or something, but maybe the supermarkets are worried about all these complaints.
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  • So....since my other post on this thread a few months ago - I tried pine nuts within a Sainsbury's Avacado Salad sanwich on Friday. And lo and behold I woke up on Sunday with pine gob.

    Either it was an unfortunate coinsidence that I got a bad batch again, or I am prone to it - and its nothing to do with the Pine nuts at all?!?

    Anyway - my advice would be if you have had pine mouth before, steer clear of pine nuts....FOREVER. :(
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    I've had this for a week, now. Never had a problem with pine nuts before.

    It's absolutely vile, just awful, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's like someone accidentally sprayed hairspray in my mouth and keeps doing it. Got my nuts from Tesco, and have reported it to Which (who are doing an article and want to hear from people) and the FSA.

    Ugh, ugh, ugh!! But glad it's not just me!

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  • I had a large handful of pine nuts on Saturday afternoon (thought I would choose something healthy to munch on) the symptoms began on Sunday and four days on still suffering - still good for my diet as food tastes disgusting. Drinking coffee is the worst - I have found the best thing is diet coke
  • Oh my god! I've had a strange taste in my mouth for a few days now, especially after eating (it's like washing up liquid) and was starting to get a bit worried so I thought I'd google the symptoms and found pages and pages about this subject! And yes, I've been snacking on pine nuts over the past week but have eaten them many times before without this reaction so didn't make the connection! How bizarre! I bought mine from Morrison's and it doesn't say if they're from China but I will be getting in touch with them.
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