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    My grown up daughter is suffering from it as we speak. she has eaten nothing for days. all she can do is drink water and Green tea (which is gross in itself!!).
    She is also suffering from tonsilitis, so the problem with the pine nuts is really slowing her recovery.
    She only discovered why she had such an awful taste after looking on the internet. she was sure it was not from the tonsilitis. She'd had a Chinese meal just before she got ill, so is under the assumption that one of the ingredients must have been Pine Nuts. she has had Pine Nuts by themselves in the past with no ill effect.
    I have just sent an email to the Dept. of Health about them as I think there should be somhow of making people aware of the possible problem.
    Keep on trucking!
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    I had a metal taste in my mouth when i was pregnant....
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    Eos wrote: »
    I used to eat pine nuts quite often, then last year, noticed some packs tasted 'off'. They were Chinese. I think any country who will contaminate baby food should be completely avoided when it comes to food purchases.
    I'd just like to stand up for China and say that the 'country' does not contaminate baby food - greedy and scrupulous individuals do. No need to tar a country full of people with the same brush.

    That aside, the pine-mouth thing is pretty weird. I've scoffed loads of pine nuts recently, no problems...
  • Hi to all the unfortunate.
    I also have this rank taste in the back of my mouth every time I eat. I had a few handfulls of Morrisons own brand pine nuts, although it says these are packaged in the UK the after ringing thier customer services they won’t disclose where it get’s the pine nuts from.
    I think it would be an for us all to put down what stores we bought our pine nuts from so that less and less of us have to go through this again.
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    So glad I found this thread as I am currently experiencing 'Pine Mouth' (or Pine Gob as by fellow Scousers are calling me).
    I'm absolutely fascinated by it - I've eaten pine nuts for as long as I can remember and never ever experienced anything as vile as this. I am relived that it will be short lived (8 -14 days) as initially I thought I would be like this forever!!! I ate pine nuts last Friday night on a salad made at home. Pine nuts purchased from Asda. Hubby ate with me and is fine. I am wondering whether there will be an influx in this condition over the coming weeks if Asda have changed supplier or something?
    Anyway, its not nice - but I'm getting by. On a positive note it makes most things tatse rancid - particularly cheese - so going without cheese is surely going to make me slinkier :T.
    Things I can eat (just about) are plain potato, lettuce leaves and plain pasta. I am eating more than that but they are the best things.
    I have tried gargling with mouthwash, and salt water - which passify it for moments but then it returns. I have tried sucking sour sweets to no avail.
    I love my food and currently in a Come Dine With Me competition with friends and am thankful that there are no meals on the horizon - because even if I could eat the food, wine is a huge no go zone!
    So, day 8 is on Monday and I can't wait!
    Anyone else experiencing Pine Gob???
    Happy xxx

    Oh - is it worthwhile bottling these rancid pine nuts and selling them to cheese loving dieters??!? heehee :rotfl:
    Happy and thankful with never enough time to do everything

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    Just to say - since I gave up pine nuts - I've never had that etallic sensation again.
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  • me too...this thread is quite old but noticed your post happyhappygal - my pine nuts are from ASDA too and I've also eaten pine nuts for ever...but not had this disgusting, bitter taste in my mouth before :-(

    Had pine nuts about 2 days ago, bit into an apple today and it was literally an "OMG! what IS that!" taste...thanks for the tips on stuff you can eat.

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    Another one here..
    Pine nuts bought from Morrisons, had a handful Wed and Thus night...Friday evening I threw away a full carton of fresh orange convinced it was off.
    Today (Sat) I made myself lunch and this horrible bitter taste flooded my mouth with the first forkfull!
    Convinced myself I was seriously ill then came across 'pine mouth' on the web.
    I think I'm going to use this opportunity to shed a few pounds...I won't be touching them again though.

    P.S this has never happened before and I've eaten pine nuts many times.
  • Pine mouth attack! I have had a foul bitter taste in my mouth for three days now, like hairspray or metal. I worked out that I had consumed pine nuts when I ate a sandwich containing pesto in a cafe. After much research on the internet it seems a common problem.
    I can't seem to get rid of it. Apparently charcoal tablets work so I'll be buying some today.
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    I've had pine nuts loads of time (I find the taste addictive BTW :-) )and never suffered pine mouth!
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