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Smile (not!)

Following MSE recommendation, I opened a Smile card on-line. This is the Co-op's on-line credit card facilitiy. Unfortunately they were really bad about making it possible to pay the first balance (in full!) before they were able to set up the direct debit. They refused to give me a paying in slip. We managed in the end to transfer the payment into the account, only to find that they then invoked the direct debit and took out an additional amount (around £400).

I am now in the process of bringing this card to a nil balance and then I will terminate it.


  • Ask for the money back. Its it appears to be there error, so they should put it right in my view.
  • It was so much hassle trying to pay in the initial payment in the first place that I couldn't contemplate trying to get the second deduction repaid! They were SO unhelpful on the phone and in addition gave us inaccurate information, saying we could pay it into a co-op bank, and when I phoned the bank, I was told I could not. I'm just using the credit up and then will stop using the card.

    The cash payback IS a good deal, but not if you can't manage the account with ease. Too much hassle for me!
  • It's an on-line card so there is no paying in slip available.

    The smile website gives full details on how to pay your account e.g.:

    If you've not got a smile current account, your bank should let you make an electronic payment to your card account, ask your bank for a payment to be made to:

    smile sort code: 089098
    Account Number: 97491004
    Your 16-figure Visa Card number: 455- ---- ---- ----

    And let them know how much you want to pay.

    Easy peasy
    Ethical moneysaver
  • Call them up and demand that they fix this. Yell, scream, do what you have to. Get them to give that 400 pounds back. I do this all the time. Normally it works.

    Saving is Everything. Cash is King.
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