Holiday at Home DFW Style!

I've got 10 days' leave coming up v soon (start on Weds). The original plan was to do lots of day trips. However, now that I've had my lightbulb moment, I realise that I can't afford to spend £20+ per day on a train fare and then £20+ on food/shopping/entrance fees etc. So I'm trying to come up with lots of ideas of things to do for c.£5 or less per day. With any luck one or two days will be spend-free.

Right now I've come up with the following ideas:

- Spend free day at the V&A (using my Friends card to get free entrance to the fashion museum and taking a packed lunch to eat in the Friends Room)
- Craft day at home (already have all the materials for a couple of projects)
- Spend free day visiting a local Nat Trust property (bus to house using Oystercard & free entrance. Must remember not to go anywhere near the cafe!)
- Invite family for home-made Sunday lunch & afternoon walk (food to come from weekly grocery budget)
- Day at the British Museum (free tours. £5 for lunch as there's nowhere to eat a packed lunch)
- Day out cycling (only if it's a bit warmer!!!)

Have any of you got any other bright ideas for things to do or ways to keep myself motivated? I know it's going to be really, really hard as I'll want to treat myself to posh lunches, shopping, beauty treatments, coffees etc


  • LookingAhead
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    What a good thread to start!

    How about if you planned a days pampering at home, broken up with the best lunch & coffee you can bring yourself to buy, for lunch?

    Get up, make a lovely breakfast......give yourself a bit of a pedicure/manicure.....pluck your eyebrows.....give yourself a facial (you can use salt on a face cloth as a natural exfoliater and I have a Dermalogica face pack sample I can send you if you want it!)....have a long soak in a nice bubble bath or long luxurious shower.....deep condition your hair........apply a rich body your hair & makeup (all this is broken up by the lunch of course!) and then maybe you could arrange to meet a friend when they leave work and go for a couple of glasses of wine? That way you get to show off just how gorgeous you're looking after all that effort of course!

    (I want to do that now.....!)
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    Can you do a spa day at home? Plan a whole day of pampering, mani, pedi, fake tan, etc., with a bottle of wine and a DVD to enjoy at the end of it all.

    Just spend a day with a friend, chatting and window shopping.

    Spend the day cooking a lovely posh meal (3 courses?) to eat at the end of it, or bake lots of goodies to scoff.
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    Go to the cinema in the morning... our local does 'earlybird' discounts - hopefully yours does too.

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  • crawley_girl
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    Another idea... local beauty/ hair colleges need people to practise their skills on. Often very cheap and supervised by tutor at all times.
    Ever wonder about those people who spend £2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.
  • dvd day? all those dvds you want to watch again/never properly watched, just buy a bag a pop corn for say £2 and you are away :)
  • $17mma
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    This is really good.

    We are holidaying at home (UK) this year nd I have not got a clue what I am going to do with the kids.

    But this has given me some good ideas, and cheap and cheerful!
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  • D&DD
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    Great thread Nabowla :D I'm sure lots of us can do with inspiration for these sort of personally I'm a homebody anyways so I'd plan a day for having a bakeup (old style of course ;) ) to stock up the freezer when you go back to work :D
  • nabowla
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    Love the ideas guys! Thinking about it I've got a whole stack of beauty samples that I could use for a home treatment day and a DVD subscription that I don't use as much as I should. I could also have a day trying out some new recipes from that huge stack of cooking books that I bought in my pre-lightbulb days. Might as well get some benefit from all that money I spent ;)

    Was talking to Mum earlier and she suggested that I investigate getting free tickets to the recording of a radio or TV programme - maybe Radio 4's Reading Group or something. Has anyone done this before? How would I find out how to get tickets?

    If I get any other ideas I'll post them here in the hope that they're useful to someone else too.
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    Ooh well if you are in London... you have the lot to look forward to!

    Why not give yourself a tenner ( if you can afford it) and mooch round the markets? My local one at roman road will get you some pretty great stuff.

    Museums, galleries, LOADS of em are free

    Depending on the weather a walk round some of the parks is a must, wrap up warm and hit hyde park

    Prince Charles Cinema, they have tickets for £1! Have a look on website!
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    You could come round my house and clean it from top to bottom, if you're bored! :rotfl:
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