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Survey Stashing: GlobalTestMarket hints & tips

edited 12 May 2009 at 1:35PM in Boost Your Income
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    Fire_FoxFire_Fox Forumite
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    It says you can refer a friend on the GTM site, but I can't find any information about whether there is a points bonus for doing this nor how to refer! Does anyone know?

    Stick with trying to complete the surveys even if you never qualify. I joined in January and have only ever qualified for three, yet I have just calculated I have reach $19!
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  • I'm waiting on a cheque from them and just wondering how long its going to take? I realise it's coming from the US so will probably take a bit of time, but a rough idea would be good.
  • LuksiLuksi Forumite
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    Can take up to 6 weeks, but from experience I'd say 2-4 weeks the most.
    They tend to post them in a batch, so even though you requested it on, lets say, 5th of August they might send them out on the 13th or so.
    Check their blog for information:
  • lilbooboolilbooboo Forumite
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    definitely my favourite, have received cheques twice from them now, both amounts between £30- £40. They do take a few weeks to arrive but definitely worth it. I also like them because you still get points when you don't qualify, so you're always getting something towards your 1000 points total! :j
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  • Hayley11 - I was refused to as 'not to our standard' :(
    I was honest about all details, including income..
    I then received an authorization code to my email, but when I tried to activate it it would not work, so I wrote to their helpdesk, who replied immediately - but informed me I would not be allowed to join due to 'standards'.

    Seems a mixed bag of success, so possibly no great loss...
    (NB - see my post on Lightspeed - I was refused to join their list too!).
  • i have tried to register with global test market, but when i fill in my details and address it still asks for state or province, but only gives options for american states. Has anybody else had this problem?
  • libra10libra10 Forumite
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    If you go here

    and select English for country, it seems to let you type in county rather than pre-set details.

  • thanks, got that sorted. hopefully i can make some money now:j
  • Hi Eager Learner

    Thank you for the latest Daily Clicking Guide. No probs opening the attachments.

    I already belong to some of the sites you mention but will join the others through your recommendation links, it's the least I can do for someone as generous as you.

    Do you really fill in sign up forms and requests for insurance every day?

    Thank you again, Mary
  • I signed up with GTM, and the first survey came in a couple of days -- I completed it okay, but no points arrived in my account. Anyone else have similar problems?
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