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get cashback paying your council tax

Hi I have a Capital One cashback credit card and my council allows me to pay my council tax online using a credit card so I get cashback on my council tax. My council tax is £1896 so £19 cash back. Not a lot but every little helps.

I also have an Asda credit card I used only for buying petrol at Asda, 2p off a litre, but now it is only 1p off a litre so I use my Capital One card and my wife's Tesco club card and get my 1p in the pound off now at Tesco plus club card points.

Another one, my daughter works in Asda so we get 10% off our shopping, my wife uses her Tesco credit card so we get Tesco clubcard points from Asda:j plus 10% off.

Only reason I don't ditch my Capital One card and use my wife's Tesco credit card is the limit on it is only £750 and my Capital One card is £7500



  • Tesco are doing double cashback points on petrol - at least they were still doing this yesterday.

    I am NOT a mortgage & insurance adviser - or anything to do with finance, that was put on by the new system I dont know why?!
  • blufferbluffer Forumite
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    oh man, i never thought of checking this!

    i pay by dd just now so I will find out if i can pay with my card - i dont have a cashback but i do have a couple of loyalty points cards
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  • skylightskylight Forumite
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    Check its worthwhile with your local council. Mine charge for all credit card transactions, whether is using their automated system or you go into the offices.
  • anniecaveanniecave Forumite
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    Birmingham city council don't charge extra for credit cards, but you are more restricted on payment dates than with direct debit - you have to pay earlier in the month.
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  • pcyampcyam Forumite
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    if you find a local shop which takes paypoint you can pay there with your credit card free of charge. We do ours at a local texaco petrol stations and they give us 1 point for every £1 for everything including bills paid at paypoint, so double the reward. :j:j
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