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Unenforceable Credit Agreements

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the above, I have responded to a company who advertised on our local radio saying that any credit agreements that I took out in the last 7 years may be unenforceable and they will be able to take it to court and get the entire credit card balance written off. Their fee is between £300 - £500 per card and they can have this fee added to the credit card balance before it is written off.
I am very wary, however in light of the bank charges reclaims, it could be quite plausable. I have expressed my nervous concern about proceeding, and they reassure me it is a new thing that is being introduced which is why not many people have heard of it and also they are the only company in the UK who have managed to get a clients credit card balance written off.


  • StevePro_2StevePro_2 Forumite
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    I know a few people who have managed to right off their debt on credit cards and loans and have been told the approval rate is around 80%. I have recently got involved in this industry and am still researching myself., The initial consensus is that if your debt was taken out prior to April 2007, has at least a year left to run on it and the initial value was between £3000 and £25000 then you have a good chance of completing the claim and getting the debt wiped.

    £300 - £500 per card sounds a little high though...... make sure you get that money back if you don't win!
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    You wil have your credit rating trashed if you do this. Lenders will not be so forgiving, it is too much hassle!
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    I suggest you read this article in
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