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hummm, I'm scared.

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  • Freecycle can help with some of the more practical things like shoes and clothes - don't feel embarrassed to ask. I know that some Freecycle groups don't like people posting wanted ads, but if those in your area allows it, then please ask. There's no shame in it at all - I've given shoes and things to people in the Edinburgh area who needed help and was more than happy to help where I could. I'm sure people in your area will feel similar.

    There are a few charities who can help you out both emotionally and practically too - others on here who have used them will no doubt give you more information.
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    duchy wrote: »
    Down to CAB with you
    You shouldn't be paying council tax at all as you are a student. You also need to talk to college about their hardship fund. As a single parent I got extra money on a discressonary basis as a mature student from college funds.

    This is a very good point. This thread shows that even repeating students can claim - as long as you are on a full-time course (even if technically studying part-time).
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    lennymfo wrote: »
    Hi Kez, great post but Bains and Ernst is the not the way to go because it charges a fee. First port of call has to be CCCS, Payplan or Nationaldebtline. Len

    Sorry everyone about posting up Bains and Ernst, i had no idea in fact i did not know that some charities advised you without a fee.Please forgive my ignorance.

    By the way i know this sounds daft and it is, but what is CCCS?
    I know about CAB (citizens advice bureau) but dont know what the others are?

    Topsy ignore my thing about Bains and Ernst talk to the above as suggested by Lennymfo and the other people who have posted giving the correct advice.

    All the best

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    kezlou wrote: »
    By the way i know this sounds daft and it is, but what is CCCS?

    Extract from southernscousers 'sticky'
    Also below are the contact details of Debt Management Charities. They will not charge you a penny like other companies and are amazingly well thought of by people on these boards. In fact I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about them yet.

    Consumer Credit Counselling Service (aka CCCS)
    Wade House
    Merrion Centre
    LS2 8NG
    Tel: 0800 138 1111

    Kempton House
    Dysart Road
    NG31 7LE
    Tel: 0800 917 7823

    Citizens Advice Bureau (aka CAB)
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    Thank you very much Tixy, i will look into them myself today.

    Cheers x
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    Another thing to look into is a lot of water and electric companies have a hardship fund you can apply to. Not exactly sure how you apply (maybe another mse can provide help) but I applied to yorkshire water with help from my local housing rent adviser (lady who looked after rent account when it was in arrears). Apparently you fill a form in and they meet every couple of months and award so much money out of a special fund they put on one side
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    this is another free debt management charity are are also able to offer additional free support such as a support worker/befriender as well as being able to tap into additional resources such as DIY projects to help around the home, free holidays and helping to meet other needs as per individual circumstances.
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  • topsyhenri, you will get lots more expert advice shortly but just wanted to say i'm sending lots of hugs your way. :grouphug: xx
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  • Hi there,

    I know exactly what you are going through, I am too, I suffer from Bi-Polar disorder and have lost everything I own, I have 2 young kids and a wife to feed and look after, and it is tough, but there is a lot of support out there, you should ask your doctor to refer you to mental health services in your area, they will give you an assessment, and if need be assign a social worker toyou, who will help you through all the difficulties, I myself am hoping to go back to uni as a mature student, I am 40 this year and have spent the last 10 working in commercial finance broking, high pressure sales not good for someone with depression or any form of it, the hardest part i found was admitting the problem, I have several times thought of suicide, but pardon the cliche, there is light, you have kids, and I think of mine. If you still suffer from depression, seriously, ask your Dr for a refferal, they can provide you with money for clothes, a break away, household goods, they will also help with finding you funding from the University there is a lot of help out there for sufferers of depression, all is not lost, sometimes I think it is, but a quick phone call to my CPN or a cathartic chat with my Dr, reinforces that

    I hope you feel better, and know that there are others out there like you,

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