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Mum used to clean her teapot with there a better way?

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I love nothing more than a pot of tea while sat at my computer but have a habit of just swilling it out when I next make a pot. I know that this is probably gross...I am just a slob! Anyway, needless to say my teapot gets stained brown inside. I don't fancy using bleach on it like my Mum used to....any better ideas? Other than washing it out each time of course! :rotfl:
Tess x

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  • MATH
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    Even when regularly washed a tea pot will stain. The only thing I know to work as well as bleach are denture cleaning tablets (and no I don't wear them - honest chomp,chomp) they're equally nasty IMO so I stick with bleach. It isn't a problem as long as you rinse the pot out well.
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  • cha97michelle
    cha97michelle Posts: 5,818 Forumite
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    I was going to say denture cleaning tablets.

    Although simply bicarb on a cloth, and a little bit of elbow grease. That gets rid of stains on tea cups so should work on your tea pot.
  • Nile
    Nile Posts: 14,930 Ambassador
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    Hello otterspasm

    I agree, denture tablets work well. Don't buy the most expensive brand (e.g. Steradent), a cheaper version like Superdent (buy from Wilko or Superdrug) are identical and made by Hull firm Reckitt Benckiser.;)

    I use them for cleaning............and I don't have dentures.:D


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  • otterspasm
    otterspasm Posts: 338 Forumite
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    Great. A local solution! Thanks Nile (fellow east yorkshire bod!)
    Tess x

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  • Queenie
    Queenie Posts: 8,793 Forumite
    Denture tablets
    Bicarb solution and left to soak for a while (gets rid of any odours too) then a gentle scrub with a sponge (cheaper than denture tablets ;) )
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  • serena
    serena Posts: 2,387 Forumite
    I have always used soda crystals.
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  • pickle
    pickle Posts: 611 Forumite
    I use bicarb to clean my coffee pot and it's the only thing which will clean it properly, I use like an abrasive. Haven't tried it on tea stains but I would imagine it would work.
  • pickle
    pickle Posts: 611 Forumite
    The other suggestion is to use a cream cleanser like Ciff.
  • ALI1973
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    My mum used to use Ariel washing powder to clean out the pot. Would put some in and fill with water and leave over night.

    Washing powder is also good fr cleaning soap marks round the bath, again fill it up and leave over night. (i usually do this after washing the kids dressing up clothes in the water first).

    Love Ali
  • seraphina
    seraphina Posts: 1,145 Forumite
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    To be honest I never clean my teapot that thoroughly! It gets swilled with hot soapy water, rinsed and left to dry. Tea has just come out of it, tea will be going back in it!
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