Brit gas at the door-the net is wrong

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We had a cheery brit gas doorstep seller yesterday, asked the usual-who you with etc, when wer said npowerhe starts his speel, my wife cuts him off, and he claims that npower look good on the net but in reality brit gas will be cheaper?

I`m confused, please explain




  • amcluesent
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    >I`m confused, please explain<

    It's called 'say anything, trouser the commission, scarper'.
  • Ch4rlieB
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    I'm awaiting the nice gentlemen that told me I was stupid to not join there capped tariff to come back round.. So I can say I told you so to him... cause he said gas prices were gonna double over 12 months.. well 12 months on.. they haven't doubled.

    NEVER join someone coming to your door. Take there info then reserach on the net.
  • Premier_2
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    ssray wrote: »
    ...I`m confused, please explain...

    Invite the salesman in, sit down infront of the computer together and ask him to explain.

    Then set up an excel spreadsheet yourself and prove either the website or the salesman is wrong.

    My bet is that the website will be right and the salesman wrong - that's if the salesman won't have been long gone in the meantime to try & hoodwink some other unsuspecting punter.
    "Now to trolling as a concept. .... Personally, I've always found it a little sad that people choose to spend such a large proportion of their lives in this way but they do, and we have to deal with it." - MSE Forum Manager 6th July 2010
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    Premier wrote: »
    Invite the salesman in, sit down infront of the computer together and ask him to explain.

    Not a good idea - you'll never get rid of him. Unless, of course, you're a real expert and enjoy making him squirm
  • logie28
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    two words usually do the trick round my house, the first starts with f the second is off!!

    Horrible oxygen thieving slimy morons , the amount of people stitched up by these people is unreal, i dont know about now but energy companies use to get marketing companies to do their dirty work, wasnt even npower selling at your door. some moron from EXcel .

    The complaints are endless, most are on commission only and talk utter c"r$ ,, last one i had left saying " well, if i cant offer you £500 a year for a signature!!" so i had to repeat my opening line again..
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