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    I would just like to tell you that I was in Asda yesterday and I priced Obsession for women perfume (Calvin Klein). The cheapest anywhere else (Boots, House of Fraser,etc) I have found is £28-£29 for a 50ml bottle but Asda only charge £24.87!! Also, the 30 ml bottle is only £18.37!! I have used Obsession for the last 10 years and this is definitely the cheapest I have ever seen it. :o
  • Have just ordered Jean Paul Gautier's Le Classique eau de toilette 100ml from (part of cd wow) for £41.99 instead of £52.50 - was £40 on fragrance direct, but was a tester. No delivery charge and they say I won't be charged customs duties. Use frequently - only charged duties the first time when I ordered several items at once. Order one thing at a time and each order qualifies you for a discount - the more often you buy the bigger the discount.

    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
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    Safeway are doing some excellent perfume and aftershave offers including one of my favorites Samsara. RRP for 50ml eau de toilette is £39.50, Safeway price £14.99. They also have Nivia men products and Olay total effects products at half price. :)
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    Hi people

    Look, I don't know much about money-saving with regard to perfumes but I just wanted to say that this is the best-smelling thread on the site (although I have to say that the stuff Martin is using smells a bit too musky).
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    Also, just noticed, that if you register at rpoints (you get £1 for registering if you are not already a member) then you can use their link to fragrancedirect to get an additional 2.5% of your order off.
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    Well the cheapest way though not very ethical is to just go to four or five different high streets stores and collect a few samples. I picked up enough free aftershaves to keep me going for at least two months  today.

    Once in a while people will comment on one perticular scent, and I may buy a small bottle of that once a year or so, but the rest of the time I just use freebies.

    Right now I am giving off the fragrent odour of a new Hugo Boss Special edition aftershave courtesy of Superdrug.
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    ooh dear presterjohn!

    You can't smell very nice if it'll take you 2 months to use samples collected at the counters! There's only enough in one of them for about 2 days. I don't believe you collected 30 samples! And unless you're cleaning your suits/jackets all the time, the smells will all mingle into 1. you'll be creating your own little fragrance!

    I work in fragrance sometimes.

    The prices are set by the fragrance houses - ie YSL, Ralph Lauren and not the stores. If the stores are selling them cheaper - ie when Boots take 1/3rd off, that is a store reduction, not a fragrance house reduction.

    The advantage of buying fragrance from a high street chain is that the product will be fresh and recently manufactured. If you go to a fragrance counter they will gift wrap it for you, usually in the gift wrap of the fragrance and this is always free and 9/10 better than you would do at home as we are all trained in wrapping in the "Dior" way or the "YSL" way etc.

    The fragrances I have looked at on sale at discount on the internet - and the same applies to cosmetics I have seen for sale on the internet are 9/10 old packaging or old shape bottles. This means they are old stock.

    For example, Opium by YSL now has a new shape bottle and all YSL ladies fragrance packaging has been updated although the changes are subtle. All the Opium I have seen on the net and all the packaging I have seen on the net is the old style.

    I have also seen Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream on the net for around £10 when the proper price is £19. However, it is always the blue packaging which, as far as I know, Elizabeth Arden stopped producing about 2 years ago.

    As to how long fragrance lasts? I think personally it depends on the fragrance. I have Opium EDT that is 10 years old and smells the same as that I sell and lasts as long and its never been near a fridge. Its always lurked on the dressing table.

    Mum has Youth Dew (Estee Lauder) that is at least 10 years old and has never been near a fridge and ditto, it smells the same and lasts as long.

    You also have to remember that as we age our skin changes and for some people the fragrance that sat on us beautifully a few years ago will smell vile now.

    And as for testers, I wouldn't want a tester as a present and if it wasn't in the proper packaging, then I'd be immediately suspicious that it fell off the back of a lorry. But if it was for my own use, then I guess there's nothing wrong with it...except you really have no guarantee of what is in the bottle as the majority of fragrance sold in store is cellophane wrapped at manufacture......I'm quite careful about what I put on my skin!

    Anyway, haven't been on the site for a while and thought I'd just put my experience down!

    S x
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    ::) Hi, I used a company called Supa last Christmas to buy my 2 ladies Burberry London. I saved over £30.00 per 50ml bottle. My local price was £50.00 per bottle.

    The postage is a little slow, but other than that, they are really good.

    Find them here.
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    ??? :o:'(

    Sorry, I meant that was 100 ml and NOT 50 ml.

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    Looks like fragrancedirect is down this morning (or gone! ??? )

    "You may have speed, but I have momentum"
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