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  • the two venues i have looked at just for the venue are both around 3000 pounds and that with nothing apart from the venue so yes i think that is really cheap!!!
  • We paid less than the quoted £1950 for the hire as we booked months ago, are doing it on a friday and are having it non exclusive as we're only having a small wedding (and we have a budget to stick to) The £1950 is exclusive ie tea shop and restaurant closed to the public. We figured we'd chance it, the only problem is if the weather is yukky and we have to stay in the hall as the room we are using will need to be turned around for the wedding breakfast so we'd have to be in the tea rooms with everyone else (if its busy)

    Plus there was a mistake in the quote, we were quoted by one person who then went off on long term sick and we'd been underquoted so we agreed to pay a donation for the hire of the hall in the evening.

    Food prices aren't too bad, theres 3 different price leves for the starters/mains/dessert and you can have your wedding cake as dessert to save money if you want to. We're thinking a 3 course at around £26 per head (£4.95 per starter and dessert and £16.25 for the mains) these are the cheapest options. The buffet is around £16 pp in the evening. If you want the safari buffet with a tour its about £37 per head.

    We're also having wine and tea and coffee added on so people get a drink after the ceremony before pics, wine with the meal and then a sparkling for the toast.

    The food cost is the biggest part of the whole wedding budget but theres only so much you can skimp on, we've managed to get other bits and pieces at not too bad prices so hopefully with dress, suit hire, hotel for the night before and wedding night and honeymoon (UK) we're looking at under £6500 if we're careful.
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    The photographer my daughter had has some photos of a Chester Zoo wedding. Hope this link works!
  • thanks for posting that, those pics are gorgeous and really help to see how it can be for our day, especially the ones of the tables all set up as i'm not sure how much decoration we'll need.

    We're having our ceremony in the boardroom which is slightly smaller but i like the fact the french doors open onto the terrace (praying for a dryish day!)
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    Mistygoth, I would love to hear how your wedding went. I've just booked my wedding ceremony there for October 2011. Our budget wouldnt let us have exclusive use so we're having the Boardroom on a Saturday in October. Like you, we're praying for good weather so sharing the building won't be an issue.

    For anyone considering full use, as well as the £1950 fee, bear in mind that doesn't include food. Their terms state you have to have your catering provided by them, and there is a minimum of 60 guests. I'm not saying they don't provide value but it does considerably increase the spends, and much as I'd have loved to go the whole hog we just couldn't afford it
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    Lilian1977, what happened to your Lake District plans?
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    Hello! I'm getting married here in July 2010! Ellay it's strange that you have min numbers-we're having 50 to the day and Jane was ok with that. Maybe it's because we've hired the whole thing. Didn't even think to haggle when I compared it to other places. We're having the BBQ as well. I can't wait! I'm thinking garden games, pimms on the terrace plus lots and lots of candles! xxx
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    We didn't have minimum numbers we're only hiring one room we actually have a maximum of around 45. But in the literature they say that for the evening do it's a min of 60...unless that's for just hiring for an evening outside of a wedding package
  • I'm getting married at a Zoo in Kent. Having our wedding ceremony and receptionall in one location. I actually work there and so have seen other weddings taking place and the wedding pics are amazing. We even have the bonus of a Safari ride for our guests round our African experience. Location will be perfect as nice and relaxed plus something for us and friends to remember for a long time to come.

    thinking about getting married here...but on a MAJOR budget.
    i have the details infront of me now....£1950 for evening and day exclusive much would it be if not exclusive?

    minimum guest list is 60 for the safari and BBQ which is at least £1920

    cheapest food...starter n main only £1272 (dessert can be wedding cake :))
    and thats without the wine etc.

    BUT i was wondering if you could have some-one else cater, and what happens?
    i mean the usual wedding, venue for meal, then a disco with buffet (called the night-do!!!) but what happens here? u get married...then the meal, then what?! i know theres a zoo safari with BBQ, but there isnt a night-do as no disco?!
    im not sure what to do! i want to keep the cost as low as poss.
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