Chester Zoo weddings?


Has anyone got married or been to a wedding at Chester Zoo? It looks fabulous but I think my fiance thinks I'm slightly insane...!


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  • I think this sounds fantastic!! it would be amazing and very original! Never heard of anyone getting married there before. Wonder if u could get married in the monkey enclosure? lol xx
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    OMG!!! Id LOVE to get married in a zoo thats so cool Why didnt i think of that?! half my snobby side of the family wouldnt show up either and it would save me a bit!
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    I've just got back from chester zoo :) do it!!!
    just imagine the pictures!!!
    I heart The Capital ;)
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    That sounds great! Your guests certainly wouldn't forget your wedding! Go for it!!!!
  • Thanks everyone! Was reading a review on Ciao and it just sounds incredible, plus it's only £1750 to hire the manor house (food is extra) - I haven't done that much research but that sounds pretty cheap to me?

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    Here's a link to contact Chester Zoo:

    There's a nice part which is by the Minature Monkey enclosure and is an area of lawn which you could hire a marquee to put up and serve your guests from. It sounds like a lovely idea, you could get some great photos and I'm sure the zoo would welcome the cash. The elephants were our favourite, just don't go through the bat cave in your dress as they poo, but the hothouse with the butterflies could mean you'd get some great photos.

    I think you'd have to cater yourself or get outside caterers but it would be worth approaching the zoo first. Don't forget there are other zoos you could try too, like the Welsh mountain zoo or even Knowsley Safari Park, you could have your wedding there and then everyone could have a drinks and canape reception on a hired coach will going through the safari park.

    It does depend whether they are allowed to hold civil ceremonies there, they would have to be licensed. I hope you get what you want and have fun arranging it all, good luck!!!!
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    It sounds great! I would ask if you would get any zoo-related extras like a keeper to give you an informed tour or the chance for bride and groom to feed any of the cuter animals.

    I had my 21st birthday at newquay zoo and it was having the keeper gives us extra information about the animals that really made it for us. Plus I got to feed the lemurs and the penguins! However, I'd advise against the penguins unless you want your hands to smell of fish!!!

    Also, bear in mind that some of your guests may not be too comfortable about zoos as some people feel quite strongly that all zoos are inhumane.
  • Hi everyone

    They do hold weddings there so they're definitely licensed, they can organise a safari for you and your guests around the elephants and then a barbeque when you get back.

    That's a good point about the guest's opinions. I guess they don't have to come though ;) No, I'm joking - it would definitely be something to consider.

    Off topic slightly - roxalana - I did a similar thing at South Lakes Animal Parks, feeding the penguins was amazing and I also fed the wallabees, emus and lemurs :)

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    I'm actually getting married there in September and they do a lot of weddings. We're having a civil ceremony, some time for the guests to wander about the zoo then a wedding breakfast followed by an evening reception. Costs are pretty reasonable (one of the reasons we picked it) and money goes back into the zoo.

    I agree that some people might have issues about it being a zoo, I too had these issues some time ago until I visited and realised the emphasis is now on conservation which they do a lot of and support a lot of conservation programmes across the world. Above all I didn't want to pays a few thousand and it goes into the profits of a hotel, when I can help the zoo.
  • That's great Mistygoth, thanks so much for the information. Can I be cheeky and ask roughly how much you paid for all that?

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